Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Buy Buy Buy!!

This is the motto of the united states. Until I went India shopping *, I never realized there were so many useless things that I absolutely needed.While I understand the concept of luxury and leisure, they take to heights unthought of here.

Post it Notes itself an item we can dispense with and they sell post it notes dispenser here which allows you to tear one note at a time. well duh uh! In tamil there is a term "Vazhapazha somberi". The term was coined after the story of this really lazy guy who was lying under the plantain tree with his mouth open hoping that a banana would fall in, rather than expend the energy to pluck one. That guy would be right at home here :-p

Then there is the scotch tape dispenser,which allows a person to gift wrap easily, and it is even refillable. Of course you have to buy the refill scotch tape at this specific shop coz its weirdly shaped and cannot be got anywhere else. it even has a wrist band so that u can wrap it around your hands while wrapping the gifts...
Sooo much more easier than having a scissors and an ordinary scotch tape and at just 10 times the cost.

Another great invention for some 20$ was the magic flash card. If a child pressed two numbers and one of the mathematical symbol (+, - ) , it would do the function and give out the result. Of course this was for kids from 4 and above and so would do only upto 12 addition and subtraction tables…. WOW!!!!
what a thingamajick

Hmph!! I think I will get my child a scientific calculator for less than that and do with it.

There is no concept of getting anything free of cost. For a person from India, this is especially a big shock. Even water , tea and coffee, which we used to take for granted back in the offices in India, are charged here.

But, for a person with money, sky is the limit, Every whim can be gotwithout so much as moving a finger, and I do mean literally.

That said, I have already talked about the marketing skills here… and to prove just that, I have loaded myself with many of these essential(ly) useless stuff and not sure how to bring it back home ..sigh!!!

*For the uninitiated: "India shopping" is the fancy term given to shopping for gifts before returning to India.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hey All, Been ages since I even opened my Blog. It was always at the back of my mind that I was ignoring a good friend and that was not good :-p ... But time and work conspired against me.
The only thing I could think of to write were codes and more codes :-p

Oh Before I go on.. A very Happy New Year and Pongal to y'all

Just got routed to a blog by a friend... rather interesting. Not the blog by itself, but the various comments it seems to have gleaned.

Interested may check out the "Dull" hyperlink in the Links section.

Hey I tried chicken, shrimp and Steak. So whats the big deal huh?! The big deal is that I am a pure Veggie.
Well so were the Chicken, shrimp and Steak that I tried...Made of tofu.. pretty tasty stuff too.

Hmm!!! those who have missed out on seeing Guru... don't. A pretty good movie

The top spot of this year was not even my first helicopter ride but getting kissed by Mickey Mouse in Disney .. hehehe.. It sure is a child's ultimate paradise. What a place!!!
Until Next time then