Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If there is anything more delibitating than tears then I dont know what it is.
Especially in a professional environmental.. Aaarrrggh!!!!

I have been soooo angry for the last few days. Was getting blamed for everything and no one to help or complain to. So when my manager came in today.. took him to a meeting room and poured out all my angst and anger

But wouldn't you know just when I reach the peak of anger, my darned eyes start watering...My manager got all soothing and that irritated me even more. I kept telling him please ignore my tears.. they are an irritating by product of anger.

But would he listen .. NOOOOOOO
I got all kinds of advice on professionalism and not to get emotional,depressed or lose sleep over something like this and to come to him for any issues...

oooh!! I just wanted the earth to open and swallow me.

Atleast I am no more angry.. I am busy banging my head, that its too rattled to hold on to any emotions.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good day!!!

Its a great day!! and I feel this way after so long, I cant remember when I was this happy last.I am not sure why I feel this way. But I do know something will come along to spoil it soon enough. But let me savour it while it lasts.

I have been feeling like I was in a Soap opera and I was the only one without a script. I still feel that way but I just can't seem to care.
Listening to Mukesh's songs.. God! that guy sure can croon and cry.
I actually listened to a guy talk about his unborn baby!!!
I voluntarily agreed to work over the weekend
OMG!! something really is wrong with me .. hehehe

Friday, April 09, 2010

Rock a by baby

There are a few things more miserable than a friday post lunch session at office. After a really heavy meal, all windows curtained tight and the whole office speaking in low voices that sound like lullaby and you sit right in front of your manager who has one eye on you and you cannot seista.

I am desperately trying to keep my eyes propped open and not really successful. I just now read in Yahoo that corporate India is perpetually sleep deprived. I think it is only fair that being part of it, I must do my bit and go home and catch up on my sleep.

But do these people understand my altruistic tendencies.. NOOOOOO

I have to attend a meeting later in the evening and got to prepare for it now.. *waaaahhhh*

In Canada, the third week of February is celebrated as Family day. While I was not able to google any particular reason for it, an aquaintance in Canada told me that it was given by the government coz there are no holidays after January for a long time.True or false, I like the explanation.

I think Indian government should also make it compulsary to make fridays half working days...