Friday, January 27, 2006

Super Man!!! :-)

Oops!! I would have liked to be something more feminine :-)... But hey I love Superman anyways :-p

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Up in the smoke..

NDTV had aired an interview with all the crew of ‘Rang De Basanti', and Aamir and Madhavan were asked about the Ban censoring cigarette smoking in Cinemas. They were against it and vociferously so.

I can’t help but agree with them. It does not mean that I am for cigarette smoking… in fact my friends will tell you… that nothing ever irritates me more than seeing a guy smoke in a public place… seriously if they wanna smoke the cancer sticks… they should lock themselves in a room where they can’t harm anyone else and smoke themselves to death..

I read this case sometime back. It was a about a woman in US who was diagnosed with lung cancer, though she was a non-smoker. She then traced back the reason to having worked in a bar, where the air used to be thick with cigar and cigarette smoke. She sued the bar for passive smoking, claimed and won loads of money too… but does it matter? Will the money be able to stop the pain and years of chemotherapy and hospitalization she would suffer. And all because she worked in a place where hedonistic people congregated.

After researching through the matter thoroughly our government came with this really smart idea of helping people…. “Ban smoking….in cinemas” ..Duh uh!
Why? Because the youth of India, Dumbos that they are, see actors like Rajnikanth smoke and try it themselves…
Rajnikanth also kicks the a$$ of 50 villains at the simultaneously… but that is beside the point, right? And then again how would I know? Maybe there are youth who tried that too but did not live to talk about it?

Come on! If the youths are discriminating enough to practice what looks stylish and good and ignore what might harm them, then they have taken up smoking despite knowing the pros and cons. That’s a real stale one man!!!
Public however, cannot blame the government for not doing anything to stop smoking… it can always show the ban as doing something “constructively” and still not harm the coalition.

Of course, if the government were really worried about the after effects of smoking then they would ban cigarettes...period... make it illegal and people will have no other means but to stop.
But hey! That will harm the national income… the cigarette industry is after all, a multi- million dollar one bringing in truck loads of money to the economy.

And if the government ever makes smoking illegal… at least 90% of the IT industry will go into withdrawal symptoms and start clawing at each other for smokes :-)

Remember “The cigarette does the smoking, you are just the sucker.”

PS: A friend read this blog and asked me what I was trying to say here. Do I really have to try to conclude something? This blog is like those Bharathiraja movies… you can conclude what ever u want… but I would really be glad if your conclusion is to give up smoking altogether!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

My boss

I saw my boss today!!!!
So wats the big deal huh?!
The big deal is that this is the first time I got to see him in over 2 years of our acquaintance.
We talk to each other daily... literally from when I walk into office in the morning to the time I leave in the evening, one issue or other... and never seen his face... just a voice over the fone...
The one time I had gone to his work place, he had been on a temperory transfer to another place and when he had come here I was on vacation.
I was seriously burning with curiousity to see who I had been communicating with for sooo long.
Of course wat pushed my curiousity even higher was that my boss is a real kewl guy! soft spoken with a sense of humour...and even stranger was that everyone had a kind word to say about him...:-0 (trust me!! thats an almost never done thing)
Anyways, the client, bless his heart, wanted a foto of our team
And so finally I have a face to relate to the voice from above ... :-p

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Once upon a time....

As we grow older... the simple things in life that used to give us so much pleasure are put into a small corner and left forgotten. But given a chance, its a wonder to see the child in every one surge forward to enjoy life...

As Doctor Who sez "There is no point in being grown up if u cannot be childish sometimes"

We had this competition for decorating the office and needless to say we did not win :-D... but once we cleared the office off all the decorations... Every one got a balloon and immediately started drawing faces and naming them, making up stories about them and throwing them around... even the big bosses. And honestly this was so much more fun than any of the outtings and treats to all those 5 star and 7 star hotels we had been to.(and much more inexpensive too :-))
And amidst the high pressure work we all do... its these flashes of childishness that act as stress relievers and make life worth living. After all, when we talk of the good ol' college days or get nostalgic about something from our childhood wat are we talking about if not them.

sigh!!! it takes me back to....

=>The hot summer when my brothers n I caught squirrels using some "ingenius" traps and then got spanked for it and had to free it again...
=>Going to the first movie with my friends and having a map of all the roads so that we don't get lost and to find we are probably the only people in the theater... (it was flintstones and even kids had not come to watch it :-p)

=?Whitening the front of our desks with chalk powder so when the prof brushes against it, he would have white streaks all over.
=>playing pranks on friends...

Truly... thats life!!!!...
and as they say the best things in life are never expensive or hard to find... they are just sitting inside us waiting to be recognised and exploited.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Trust me when I say there are very few things more irritating than finding, u have worked yourself to a bone and the work is of no use... grrr...

Being the good girl that I am, I wanted to leave early...go home and have fun... i mean it is weekend after all... but No, there are some enthu patani's who come with me who just had to finish their work before closing up for the day.
Looking at them work so hard gave me this sudden enthusiasm to get my work all done and right away too... (I thank the good Lord that I get such spates of enthu very very infrequently)...
so anyways here i was slogging away and getting loads of work done ... i mean i got almost 1.5 weeks work done in just one day...
Thoroughly proud and happy with myself, with dreams of impressing my superiors... i checked back , only to find that this work has already been done and i was working on something redundant ...
No one had bothered to inform me of this great achievement and there goes my full days work down the drain...

Sigh!!! Guess this is wat they call Brain Drain X-(

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Power of Miscommunication

Made a guy's life miserable. :-)
The expert was trying to tell me something and though I knew wat he wanted I refused to understand wat he was getting at.
This was because I had talked to my manager about the same idea and he said it would not work.
Turns out my manager misunderstood me and I misunderstood the expert.
And a vicious cycle started there...
The Expert kept saying do it and I kept saying it cannot be done and my Manager kept agreeing with me and the poor guy who was s'posed to do the actual work was looking at us back and forth like a tennis match not understanding wat the heck was happening.
Though to give credit where it is due ... which would be ... *ahem* Me.
I did get it resolved and finished the work for him too.
But the poor guy was literally seeing stars running between all of us trying to get us agree on something :-)

I do think I have made the expert quite disgusted with the lot of us and the funny thing was we were were all right but refused to look outside the box to see what the other was saying...
I am sure this leason comes with a moral... now if I will just learn from it... we could call it a useful day :-)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Love at first sight

Saw Kanda naal mudhal and Aaru.
Gotta give credit to Prakash Raj. A very decent movie and it did not even drag around like most of the movies nowadays. I never once looked at the watch wondering when the movie would get over. Impressive!
Its one of the must watch movies. I liked his azhagiyae theeyae just as much too.

That said, "Aaru" was the total opposite... the usual masala movie with loads of bad words mixed with the tapori language and lotsa *dishum dishum*.
Every one told me it was lousy.
But i watched anyway and liked it too...
Not coz the movie was not bad but coz I was watching it from where i was not s'posed to :-p
... The forbidden fruit syndrome..
But watch it at your own expense...

Never could understand how a rich girl, used to all the comforts of life, can fall for a total rowdy, living in a hut in a slum and chase him all over and literally force him to fall for her too.

Talking of forcing some one to fall in love, here are some great ideas gleaned from our movies

=> listen to real dumb ideas given by the friends of the object of ur affection and run around in main roads n*de or go k**sing him in public

=> Threaten to jump (sometimes u might have to jump too) from tall buildings/mountains/ in front of trains.
(though why they are not put out of their mercy and left splashed on the platform, i am not sure :-p)

=> Best of the lot is- Insult your object of affection... this is a surefire method and never fails... especially if its the guy insulting the gal... better still slap her around...she'll definitely fall flat (figuratively and literally)... 'course she has no self-respect and she is not gonna tear u to tiny li'l piece and flush u down

So have a love filled 2006!!! :-)