Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am soooo angry I could chew someone off.

I get up in the morning and see that the trees near the gate have been chopped ruthlessly to half their size.I am a proud tree hugger.

Turns out the school next door did not get enough light coz of the trees, so they sent a man early in the morning to chop them off. No permission, no information, nothing. My dad had seen the deed and hadn't seen fit to stop the atrocity.

I cannot even go scream at the school officials coz my dad had seen it and had not stopped the murderer from maiming my trees, giving an implicit permission.

AAAAArrrgh! I am in a cold war with father, but doesn't seem to have an effect.
I have to rant somewhere before I burst with frustration. *waahhhh*

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Blues

Sigh! I cannot believe it is monday already. I have so much more to do over the weekend. Get more sleep, read more books, see some movies. Its Monday morning and I have just come to office and already yearning for Friday evening and feeling blue ... :-) Sigh!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking with Doordarshan

Join me on a nostalgic walk down the memory lane with DD

1. Mile sur mera

2. Desh Raag

3. Old DD unity

4.Ek anek ektha

5. Jungle book title song

6. Cadbury ad 1

7. Cadbury ad 2

8. Hamara Bajaj

9. Jalebee

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phir mile sur mera tumhara

It was colourful, peppy and quite entertaining. It had almost all the bollywood and other "wood" stars, and a few artists too. Just so you dont blame them, at the veryyyyyy end some sports persons and military folks were shown. Right when the song was gasping to its end.

I quite liked the idea of having the children of the maestros who sang/played in the original, sing/play with them now.

I absolutely adored Salman's sign language with the kids. Awesome!!!

But I just wish it was not some supposed wacky version of "Mile sur". It looked like a movie promo with all the other artistes and sports personnel left hanging by their nails at the very end. But then this is something A R Rahman is quite famous for: Taking something that is or almost is a classic and changing it until you wince everytime you hear it.

I remember running to TV, as a kid,every time they used to put the original "Mile sur mere" on TV. Every Time!!!!

The original has not been telecast in ages and I understand it has been 22 years since it was created....Today my mom, my cousins and I were able to sing the whole song. Every line and every language.

Its extremely doubtful if the new version would have a miniscule percentage of the impact that the original one had.

An absolute let down!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Teacher, I am NOT!

I am not a teacher. NOT NOT NOT!!! I never signed in or aspired to be one ... EVER. Despite my aunt's feelings that it is the most gentle and feminine occupation, I have never liked it.

So why, when I am already loaded down with work, am I being forced to teach a gal fresh out of college the ins and outs of the work. Especially when I cannot ditch ..er delegate her to someone else.

If she had had some experience she can fill in the blanks between what I am saying, but she is so new that I have to literally draw lines between point A and B and then take her hand and walk her down the two points.

I am told to empathise and remember that I was a fresher once too. I dont remember how I felt then, but i do know I was not stowed upon some overworked lead and made to learn.
To boot, the gal gives me the most wounded puppy looks when I snap at her for not doing something I ask her to do.

No, it does not evoke any sympathy in me. Call me hard hearted but I just dont have the time.
God! the gal can nod her head. Ask her anything and she nods. Do u understand *nod*, do u Not understand *nod* , Are u ever going to ask any questions if you have any doubts *nod*, are you trying to drive me crazy *nod*...

I understand that she is new to the system. But please god! not me! not now!


Back to School :-(

When I was in school and lugging around the huge bags, wearing the drab school uniform and same old shoes, taking tests after tests, I used to look with great envy at my Mom and sisters. One was working and the others in college. They could wear beautiful colour dresses, jewels and shoes and most importantly a small fashionable bag was all they took with them.

What plans I had for when I was all grown up and going to work! sighhh!!!!!

After more than half a decade of working .. I seem to have returned to my school days.
I am given a laptop, that I have to lug around whereever I go. (which also brings me at the perpertual beck and call of the powers that be) AND I have mandatory tests that I have to take (with pass percentage of 85, which I am failing brilliantly of course).

Now I look at the school kids and envy them so... They have summer holidays of more than a month. Friends to play or hang out with after school. The seemingly inexhaustible energy bursting from them.

vicious cycle!!! When did I get so old?