Monday, January 14, 2008

The overenthus...sigh!!!

Everyone of us have come across this type of people and am sure will empathize with me.They are the do-it-and-do-it-this-very-instant kinda guys with a small difference... they try to do-it for the whole gang.
Being the kind of person who likes to do things her way at her own time... I absolutely hate it when I am forced into a schedule.
And to my ever lasting misery I have fallen into a group that contains some four over enthus.
One day at the office, The HR asks would you guys like to leave early or want to attend some trainings and such. Brimming with joy I happily say yes and start to pack my things... when four loud voices vociferously disagree. They want to stay back and attend any and all trainings at their disposal.
The other 10 of us were left slack jawed and irritated as hell...
Obviously none of us wanted to go back to say we were not interested n look like slackers.
The day of an assessment... we were all thinking up of reasons to postpone it (as usual) and like a blessing from God, the server slowed down and we were given the option of postpoing it .. Oh no no no... cried four voices.... it is ok if the server is slow... we have prepared and we all want to finish it off today... "ALL"??? Aargh!!!
The morning on the day before pongal, the whole place is decorated, there is a feeling of festivity in the air... only a few of us have come yet and this includes our boss... when the four guys walk in and cry out... "Hey people how about we take a special presentation today.. we are going to do it... so u can also join in". I glare at them (which is ignored) and then just glare at my monitor (which is also ignored) and then my boss glares at me (which i am unable to ignore) and so join them for the darned thing...
I can understand this kind of enthusiasm at schools and colleges... but in people with so many years of exp..??
*groan* cant they just do their thing quietly? do they have to advertise everything they do?...
Jeez! Ppl, are you for real???

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eve Teasing??? hmm!!!

I have been accused of being feminist and I am unapologetically so.
I have written couple of blogs in favor of the worthy things done by the Blank Noise Project and was very impressed and relieved that someone had at last taken the initiative to throw limelight on the subject of Eve teasing and still am.

I can sympathize and more importantly empathize with the ladies/girls sharing their stories out there.

But much as it pains me, I have to say there should be a clear line of demarcation between what is perceived as eve teasing and what is plain paranoia.

They have a forum called “Unwanted” where women can take photos of the men who have abused/eve teased them. While I do applaud the thought behind it and even agree that it is a good idea for the mugs of gropers and pinchers and various other pigs to be posted, it does not seem fair to put in the photo of just any guy because he was looking at you or because you do not like his looks.

Have u tried glaring back or just asking him what he is looking at...before blindly deciding he is eve teasing and posting his photo

One photo showed a crowd, with three men in prominence. I am not sure why their photos were even posted.

Men, sitting in the women’s side of public transport do not really constitute eve teasing; it just shows the lack of chivalry. And since there is no such creature of chivalry in India, we really cannot be surprised by that.

There are so many more serious issues that women all over the world face on the roads/ public transports/ schools/ work place/ even homes that requires BNP’s attention.

There is, after all, only a very thin line between use and abuse of any power

Monday, January 07, 2008

SALE!!! God for Sale!!!

Are you Hindu? Are you religious? Are you plain curious or just interested in seeing all the beautiful and I do mean "absolutely mind blowing" architecture of the temples in TamilNadu?
Be ready to be blackmailed, begged, and harrassed to death. Also be sure to take a lot of small change and notes of small denominations... You are going to need it.... Coz Gods and their blessings are being sold here and the customers (read " Bhakras to be fleeced") are US. I never realised what a lucrative business a temple was until now.

Step down from your car you will first be overwhelmed by hawkers selling all kindsa things that just have to be submitted at God's feet/ for archana... if we require any of her blessings. The hawkers come in all ages from 6-60 and God forbid if you take pity and buy from one of them... the rest of them will be on you like fleas on a dog.
They are amazingly persevering and you will find hands pawing you, pulling your shirt, pallu whatever and begging you to buy from them. I think most people buy just to shut them up.

Having escaped this deluge you step into the temple and you have arrows pointing everywhere telling you ... Not which is the mandap for which god but which is the way to buy what... special archanai, annadhanam, special queue to see god and so on and so forth.

The priests are shameless too. They demand that you put money in the Aarthi plate. In one temple where I had forgotten my purse in my car, the priests and different temple workers would not let me get out of the "Garbagraha" (inner sanctum) until I had paid 10 bucks. Did I not want God's blessings? Did I want them to curse me for not giving money?... Arguing took me nowhere and I had to borrow the money to get out of the place.

As we come out, we meet the beggars, all healthy looking men and women, not even all that old or fragile. They do not beg, they demand and one guy actually asked me how I could expect God's blessing if I would not even be charitable enough to give him money or food. hmph!!! oh BTW! If you give them 1 or less Rs, be sure it will be returned back with a disdainful look. I am not sure what is the going rate of begging, but I sure got some dirty looks though

The serious part aside, at one temple the priest took a liking to me and came out of his way to tell me that it was very special to do 24 pradhakshinam (walks around the temple) for that particular god. Needless to say nothing would do but that I walk all 24 of them around the huge praharam... *Phew* came up quite dizzy after all that circling.
Despite all these hassles, it was a fun trip.

So those interested now know where to go to buy God's blessings :-) Happy Praying!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Repulsive Attraction

Hmmm Maybe attraction is not the right word for it.
But have you ever felt repulsed by something and also a weird curiosity to know more about it.
A part of you wants to shut it down and forget about it and another part of you is compelled to see it/ learn about it/ touch it ... whatever that "It" is.
The first time I felt this way was four years back when seeing a video forwarded to me by someone on some atrocities done by terrorists. God! that was awful! and left me totally shaken and trembling.
Anyway I digress.
This time on the repulsive attraction was caused by articles on the Footbinding custom of chinese women and the reaction of the chinese men to it.
Out to prove my sis wrong that Japanese women were forced into footbinding I ended up finding out that it was actually the Chinese women who were forced to do it.
The process and pictures, left my toes curling and totally weirded out.
I refuse to say any more about it in my blog.
But interested people can google it