Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Ones

Read couple of good articles/posts today and wanted to share it with y'all

My friends would say that I am a bold person and well read on most matters too. But at my old work place, when I was being harassed, I didn't even realize it. I was just losing my confidence and getting more and more depressed.
It was a slow process and as this writer very correctly calls it - Gaslighting. It happens to women across the world.

A male friend and I were discussing the marriage norms and our ideas on it. He said he was looking for a girl who would live at home and serve his parents and understand that his mom knows best. Needless to say it didn't sit well with me. I told him that this was the kind of mentality that brings about DIL-MIL fights in marriages. Well! here is a man's take on why there is friction between women and their MIL

Pretty Red shoes!

*** Feminine post alert ***

My friend PSR sent me this shoes blogger link and my eyes lit upon this beautiful article.
And here I was thinking I am the only one coveting red shoes and it turns out the whole wide world is right there with me.
Needless to say I had to rush to Metro to check if they had any red shoes. And boy! did they?! It was this seriously cute peep toe with about 2.5 inches heels. I had unfortunately taken my mom along and she put her foot down and refused to let me buy such big heels. Sigh!
So anyways I got another pair of rather cute red sandals with 1 inch heels.

Two days ago I met PSR and she was flying high, coz she had got a pair of red shoes too. A little while ago my friend from UK calls me to tell me rather sheepishly that she could not resist this pair of red shoes she had seen.  (Way to go gals! :-) )

Today I wore my new sandals to work.. feeling rather good about myself (until I got into the share auto, but that's another story for another time) and what do I see?
So many pretty feet wearing .. what else.. but pretty red footwear.
Its a good feeling to be a part of such a large sisterhood! :-)

PS: Took some fotos of my new shoes thro my mobile, but unable to transfer it to my comp.

Is it worth it?

Some days (like today) I wonder if it is really worth getting up in the morning to just come to work in this traffic. Its hot and crowded and I feel like a dish rag all twisted and used up and scrunched and its only 10.30 AM.

Then I think of my bank account and

Sigh! well here I am. :-(

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gurukanth Desai

How many times would I have seen this movie? 10 times 15 times. I still like to see it again.
Of all the movies of Abhishek Bachchan I think Guru was his best show.
Have always had a soft corner for AB Jr. Poor guy, always under his dad and wife's shadow.
But this is one movie where he has shown the world what he is made of.
Love his laugh in the movie, that shoulder shaking, teeth baring, belly rolling laugh .

But credit where credit is due, I have always maintained that Mani Rathnam could make a statue act. So not surprising that Aish not only did some acting but such subtle understated acting at that.
(Even though the Time magazine called her an actress-model and not a model actress.. Good play of words huh?!)

How many of you remember Roshan seth? He was Nehru in the Gandhi movie and the anchor of the old Doordarshan Sunday night program Bharat Ek Khoj. It used to be telecast when I was very young and didn't really understand much, but I still remember being awed by chacha Nehru's language in it.
When I hear/see Roshan Seth today, I still think of him as Nehru, and a very handsome one at that.
It made me smile to see him as the head of panel of Judge hearing Guru's case. A very good actor indeed!

One of my favourite movies and a satisfying experience. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am bored *Banging my head* I am bored *Banging my head* I am bored *Banging my head* I am bored *Banging my head* I am bored *Banging my head*

Thank you rain for spoiling all my mega plans for the first day off I get in over a month!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have always thought relief was a sentiment and never knew you could feel it physically.
Remember the Audit I was talking about.. the one I had been living, breathing, eating for the last 3 weeks?
Well! Had the audit today and boy!!! we kicked its butt, BIG Time.

All through the day we were hearing all these horror stories and suggestions, how to talk and how not to talk blah blah. By the time the audit time rolled in I had lost all objectivity and was just numb.

Though we had to do some sleight of hand, we impressed the auditor big time.

When I came out of the conference room, I could actually physically feel this huge weight that was sitting right on my chest disappear. I could suddenly breathe.
Wowza! wat a feeling :-D

Now if I could convince my boss to gimme coupla days off to unwind my joy would be complete.
Neways Yayy!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Just dropped by to say a quick hello and let y'all know that I am alive if not well.
Got two audits coming up next week and been working like mule over weekends and early mornings (Yes! me actually getting up and working) and weekdays too :-P
Just to make life a little bit more easy a colleague went home to enjoy wedded bliss dumping all his work on me.
But the most painful of all. Ended up cancelling a movie-dinner date grrrr!

But the silver lining is that I got an award and whooping big cash prize at work.
Talked to PSR after a long time and she never fails to put my spirits high.
Talked to head honcho.. who I thought was a crashing bore and nag, but turned out to be surprisingly sweet.
and whowudathunk that I would become such a addict to bollywood gossip. I hardly see any movies.. but nowadays get my quota of the gossip served right on time though :-D

My weirdo magnet works just fine. that's neither good nor bad.. just entertaining. but thats for another day.

So ciao all until I have time to come out for a breather.. hopefully by next weekend