Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ooty over the weekend

Cursing my uncle and cousin for making me book tickets to, of all the places Ooty and then cancelling, I left for Ooty on Thursday evening and enjoyed myself ever so much. Here are some photos of my trip

Roses at the Government Rose Garden. Missed the Rose show by a week or so, but it was still beautiful. The weather was misty and cool and roses everywhere.. .sigh!

Remember Anbe Vaa movie? MGR and Saroja Devi? The final song in that movie was taken in this place. Its a small hill, totally green and at its top, its soooo windy, it will turn a person around. But lovely enough to make the heart sigh. BTW the white thingy in the foto is not a sheep but a horse :-)

That's me at the Botanical garden. Its beautiful, especially coz of the weather. But seen it too many times and hence boring

The Pykara Lake and Boathouse :- During the rainy season the water level rises to the trees 
When the water level rises in the Lake above, the Dam is opened and the Pykara water falls gushes. 
But because of the low water level, we were able to go right to the falls and dip our toes in the oh so pleasant waters.

Ooty as seen from the suicide point at the tallest spot of Nilgiris: Doddabetta
The heritage Nilgiris mountain railway, otherwise known as the Toy train, has been touting people from Metupalayam to Ooty for over a century and is still going strong. Not very comfortable but worth going atleast once. It requires a lot of patience though, as it travels at roughly 10 KMPH.
And as a grand finale, the Madame Tussaud's of Ooty, Veerappan's wax replica in the Wax world.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Doing nothing

What a bliss!
When you are kids, nothing is more of a punishment than doing nothing, and the older you get that little bit of doing absolutely nothing becomes a thing so precious, that words fail. But finding the time to do it gets more and more difficult

Its the time for me to recharge my batteries. The time all for myself when I do or not do only the things that I want.

After 3 weeks of non-stop high tension work. This is my "do-nothing" weekend.

Of course its taken me all of today to wind down from the adrenaline rush of the last few weeks and actually get into the groove.
So what I am going to do all the weekend is lounge in my room , see movies, read books, stare out the window,dream dreams, build castles in the air, maybe have pig out on pizzas and most importantly catch up of my sleep.

Woooo!!! the sheer thought of my great weekend plans gives me the goose bumps.

See ya'll on Monday. Totally recharged and raring.... not to go :-D