Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most of my industry, and I am sure all others too, have a few things in common.
One of the major commonality is CYA or Cover Your Ass.

Its funny, that even when I am talking for my team's good, my team members do not want to risk their collective asses and agree with me.

As PSR rightly pointed to me, a big part of that is indifference. I come, I work , I don't care a fig what happens outside that. If there is an issue, I will crib and grumble to my lead or manager, who ever is sympathetic. If they are not sympathetic, I will grumble to my team members and then work around it.

But ask them for a feedback or agree with you when you talk to the higher management about their trouble. You might as well be talking to the wall for all the response you get.

If by some one else's efforts their issues get resolved, they are happy. But if it is not, its still OK, as long as they are not asked to involve themselves anywhere in the process.

Can't even really get pissed with them, coz they dont want to involve in any good stuff either.

Their own worlds, their own work.
Sigh! I don't even understand this kind of attitude... :-(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life's little pleasures

Ever wanted to walk around on a Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik? Or wanted to drip with diamonds?

I have wanted to. Well! We are talking about hundreds of thousands of moolah. God knows most of us dont have that kind of money to throw on these things.

Which is why women, in all their wisdom, invented "The Window Shopping" *Clap Clap*

Had time before my train and decided to spend it in the UB City mall in Bangalore. The only affordable thing there would be the eats on the 4th floor, but it makes a great place to hang out. Saw a Jimmy Choo's show room there (first time I have seen one in India)
One of those skinny heeled, barely there pair of shoes cost over 89,000 Rs. Consider me provincial, but if I bought something like that I would probably keep it my locker, the way I do my jewelry.
So what I did was try it on, tottered around the shop and came back with the satisfaction of having worn Jimmy Choo and not spending anything on it :-)

There was this other time when I went to GRT Jewelers to give my sis some company. Was waiting in the diamond section, when I saw this gorgeous Diamond necklace set. Costing just over 7 Lakhs. Tried it on, oohed and aahed over it and then regretfully returned it back to the man waiting on us, with the promise of returning in the near future with my Dad :-D

It is a very precise art though, these window shopping sprees are very sneaky and you might end up spending more money than you planned.
But I am sure most you gals (and guys too, though you might not wanna come out and say so :-)) out there will agree with me that this is one of life's little pleasures

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tired .. Just tired of the whole fleeting world.

It doesnt make sense to wake up everyday, just to go to work. Would rather sleep some more and see movies or read books or just do nothing.

What does it matter what you do, there is no recognition for your work and you are just taken for granted.

Not able to kick up any enthusiasm for the work. Its all a drag anyways.

So get out! you say? Would love to, but stuck in a nice rut. And the thing about these ruts are that they are safe, comfortable and give you a feeling of security, even if false.

Anyway whats out there? More of the same?

So alternately living in a nice state of fugue and in Calvin's favourite state.. Denial.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Loves

I fall in love every week, sometimes the love lasts for as much as a month, but eventually I get bored and move on.

But its all cyclic. I come back to my old love eventually.

For eg. Last week I was all melty for Bhupinder singh. Was downloading his songs like crazy.
The way he croons and caresses the words of the ghazals he sings,sigh!... Like each word is the most important word at that point and there is no hurry to go to the next word. mmmm!!! and what a deep voice. I am a sucker for deep voices. (I dont like Jagjit singh and Suresh Wadekar though I love ghazals)

This week its Rafi saab. I listened to his Woh jab yaad aaye and kuch kuch yaad aane laga.

Sometime back it was Mukesh Saab. God! the man can cry like no one's business. Was singing "Waqt karta jo Wafa" repeatedly and driving myself wild.

Talat Aziz, used to have a crush on his voice and him, until I saw him act in some serials. But I decided to forgive him for his voice :-)

I am off Kishore for sometime. ODed on him. Lata and Asha are all time loves

Why I hate Flipkart!

Honestly! Flipkart has made my bookshelves so much healthier and my wallet that much less.
It is so easy to buy a book with just a click and they give such great discounts and darn them! they deliver it at home for free and I don't have to move out of my seat.

I've become a compulsive buyer, and I feel almost ashamed (Almost being the operative word)
:-) .

Believe it or not I have almost 40 books that I have yet to read, stuck in my bookshelves.
The number never seems to come down, since I keep stocking up on newer books before I can make any headway on the older ones.

My librarian is not happy with me, I have not been borrowing much from him nowadays.

Sigh! I just came to office and ordered myself the new Jeffrey Archer book at 40% discount :-).

Oh Yeah! you can see why I hate Flipkart.. Can't you?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Indian Speciality

My friend RJ asked me what I would like from Canada and I asked him what was the Canadian speciality. He could not think of anything that was special to that country. So I asked a few other friends here who have visited the country. They too thought hard and could not think of anything.

That had me thinking about how many many things we Indians take for granted. When Canadians had come down to India, they did not even have to ask what was the speciality here. There were so many exotic things for them. Sweets, Taj Mahal momentos, Jewellery, Shawls, dresses, you name it we have it.

Forget about India at large, Each state here has its own speciality. Hyderabadi pearls and bangles, Kashimiri shawls, Kerala chips, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Jodhpuri slippers, Calcutta sweets, especially Ras Gulla.. yum!!! just to name a few.

I've written about how other countries, especially the US market their tourism so well, despite having nothing much worth talking about. Where as here with so much to show off we are busy scratching "He loves She" and drawing hearts on the monuments.

Have you seen the Incredible India ads? They are incredible and not just coz Aamir is in it :-)

Hyderabadi trip

*Phew* Now that I have got the rant out of my system. I can tell you about the very eventful trip I went on, over the weekend.
A piece of sincere advice from a sun burnt, heat boiled person. Do NOT go to Hyderabad in March or later.

The forward trip, had us travelling with a lady going to see her school kid in Hyderabad and 2 men. We started discussing about places of interest in Chennai and moved on to Temples here and from there one of the men caught on and he was cribbing about how its not right for Hinduism to have more than one God when God is only one. Fun was had by all arguing about it.

They were allowing people to climb up the Charminar. Its very charming from up there, but you would probably be aching every where from the steep climb to enjoy it too much. The place is a shopppers paradise. Birla Mandir must have been nice too, but I was busy jumping around on the hot stones, trying to get on and off the temple.

Everyone must go to the Ramoji Film City atleast once. Its expensive, so might I suggest you go as soon as possible, before they increase the entry fee again. Despite the terrible heat (The hyderabadi citizens tell me its not really hot, just warm... *gak*) we still had fun, the shows, sets, bus tours are a must see.

Finally rounded off with Salar jung Museum, I enjoyed the European Paintings and Marble and Bronze statues section. The other stuff was OK. The musical clock which brings in scores of people was a disappointment to me. Well! Its good, but not sure if its worth the publicity it gets.

Oh! How could I forget the Lumbini Park and the trip down the Hussain Sagar Lake in the evening. I would love to hang out there with friends. Its softly lighted, nice cool breeze coming off the lake and a variety of restuarants with seats looking over the lake. Sigh!

Hmmm! Reading back what I have written, it looks like I have said mostly negative things, but not so. It was a really enjoyable trip. Will add fotos later.

Women's #$%#$% day

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Every year I hate the concept of Women's day more and more.
Its hypocritical, commercialised and down right stupid.
I do not see any one using this opportunity to celebrate any woman's growth anywhwere. Most people do not even have a clue why we have a Women's day. Hell!! I am not too sure myself

Every darned year I get to hear juvenile comments such as "You are so lucky to be a woman, we do not have a men's year". Please take it. Make March 8th as men's day and welcome.

What pissed me off even more this year was that the over enthu's in my team organised a WD celebration. We were all made to pay 100 bucks towards it. Anyone who does not pay will obviously be looked down upon.

So Thanks to peer pressure, pay I did. Now! I know 100 bucks is not such a big deal, but its the principle of the thing. (I would have preferred to sit at my desk and do my work rather than play)

We were all given gifts at the end of the games. Worth less stuff, I got a fevi quick stick, for God's sake!!!
I hate peer pressure almost as much as I hate the WD. We were all forced to pay for christmas celebrations too. I have no problems with christians or christmas but I am neither and dont want to be. But NOOOO, I had to play along.
The same kind of enthusiasm was not showed during pongal or Diwali.

Just leave me alone.....