Monday, October 31, 2011

Can we have enough friends?

Four of my old friends, whom I had thought I had lost touch with, contacted me.
Have been feeling very very happy :-).
One of them was actually my school friend, dunno how she got my number but darned glad she did.

With another friend, we had had a small tiff and had not spoken in quite a few months.
Life being what it is, we slowly lost touch. While I was not actively thinking of him, only when I spoke to him today and felt a lightness, did I realize that I had had this slight weight weighing down my heart. Now of course its all forgotten and its back to normal again.

Can a person really have enough friends? I don't think so.
 They are after all one of the most important facets for an interesting life.

Sigh! Its been a good week :-)

The Lizard prediction

Was sitting and chatting with my dad in the veranda. Apparently sitting right under the tube-light is a perfect target for lizards to fall on you.
Needless to say one darned slimy creepy lizard jumped on my right ear to slither down my neck.. by which time I had brought the house down and pushed it off.
Well! after I finished hopping and shuddering, I went running to scrub my ears n neck while my cuz went running to fetch the almanac.

Do you know that there are predictions given in the almanac on what happens if a lizard falls on you.
Its falling on each part of ur body apparently has a distinct effect. (Oh! and I am to have a long life and good health)

Not only that, it contains a table which predicts what will happen when a lizard chirps,  facing each directions on each day of the week (also based on how many chirps).

Cute, Huh?! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


A simple story sweetly told. Beautiful songs. Talented cast and a fulfilling experience.
While today's movies have their own space and time, the actual acting seems to have taken a back seat to all the technological thingamagiks, six and eight packs and bikinis.

This movie is said to have been influenced by the Sound of Music. Taken in 1972 by Gulzar, having a cast of Jeetendra, Jaya Bhaduri (as she was then), Sanjeev kumar, Pran and Asrani.

In the whole movie. the love between Jeetendra and Jaya is never expressed explicitly. Only by the subtle expressions in their faces. And some of the reasons why I like Sanjeev Kumar, Pran and Asrani can be seen in this movie.

The sympathy on Sanjeev Kumar's face when Jaya sees his bloody kerchief. Pran's expression when his grandchildren wish him for the first time and Asrani's tears when he sees Pran laugh. Its a definite feel good movie (except if you see it in Sahara One channel.. in which case they will make u want to tear your head bald putting on soooo many advertisements)

Let's not forget the music by R D Burman. After all Lata got a National award for her Beeti na Beetayi

or Kishore's Musafir hoon yaaron

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have a stalker

I mean it! I actually have a phone stalker and its frightening.
Apparently this creep who works for my bank suddenly got obsessed with my name becoz he had a girl friend by the same name or some such.
He has access to all my information, including my personal, work , account and contact details.
He used to call me pretty regularly couple of years back until I threatened with going to the police. Then he stopped.

I got a SMS from someone yesterday night wishing me a happy birthday and when I asked who he was, he said he was not my friend. Annoyed I told him to stop messaging me, thinking it was some prankster.
He replied back asking if I still worked in my XYZ company and when I ignored that, another asking me not to contact him. WTF!

Today I get a call from him saying his name is Venkatesh from my bank (which is the same creep from couple of years back) and he knows where I work and that he used to talk to me couple of years back. He wanted to know if I still lived in Chennai and if I was married etc ... and apparently he had completed MBA and wants me to get him a job in my company. While I did ask him to take a flying @#$@.
Its still frightening that some schmuck has access to so much of my personal and financial info.
Am I over reacting? Maybe! Anyways wondering what I must do next?

My friends tease me calling me a weirdo magnet.. but this is ridiculous!

Monday, October 10, 2011

RIP Jagjit Singh!

:-(. Just now saw the news and feeling like I lost a personal friend. :-(

Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's frightening

Well Well! waddya know I seem to have written something similar last week or so and it never got published.. So here goes.

Wondering what I am talking about? Growing older!!!
Darned thing is fraught with responsibilities, responsibilities and more responsibilities.
I just had a talk with Dad on investments, medical insurance and general old age etc
Where ever did I get the idea that I would earn and then spend and maybe put away some of it in a FD or something and that was that.

I have this hollow feeling in my stomach.
So many things to think about. The pros, cons, the long term impact. *Shudder*
How do I make my parents comfortable and completely cared for in their older age.
Not that they need it from me, but that is still my duty and I have not really thought much about it.

It also has me thinking about my old age. What about my medical insurance at that time?
Where would I be? What will I be doing?
And Oh my god! Pension schemes. Aren't I way to young to think about that? Apparently not. It seems one is supposed to think of pension when they start into a job so they will have a nice windfall to enjoy post retirement.

Gah! There goes my plans for retiring in another 10 years.

Enough already! I am just going to shut down my mind and try some meditation. OOOOHHHHMMMMM!


Do you re-read books?
I think its almost as pleasurable as reading a new one.
Especially if its a favorite book, its like visiting an old friend.
Some one you are very comfortable with and know all the nuances.
Sometimes even better than an old friend :-)

Sigh! I am in a weird mood. Melancholy! Need to take some rather important decisions and don't want to regret anything later. In fact I am wondering if I should regret some decisions already taken. But a more useless emotion has never been invented than regrets and I try to in it indulge as little as possible.
What has the books to do with my mood? Nothing at all. Just ruminating on life. hmm!

On the flip side. I have got my brand new shiny red laptop. The keyboard is different in this and its driving me batty. But enjoying playing with it. And even better got my Kindle. I was secretly wondering if I would get any use out of it.. Dumb! yeah, but I am enjoying it too.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend. Ciao