Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Sketches

Know what I did this weekend? I mean other gorging on Pizza and Ugh!!! working.
I was scanning some of the sketches I had done. So obviously I just had to put a few of them here.

Pizza pizza pizza!

Dad and I had a pizza orgy just now.. mmmm! I am still reeling from an over dose.

I dont even like Dominos pizza... But if you are cheese lover then you just have to try their double burst pizza.

And the best part is that there are 3 more slices sitting in front of me tempting me

पेट बर गया पर दिल नहीं  sigh!!!!!

Later added:- *Groan* I am probably going to burst and die! but what a way to go!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My shoes, your shoes.

I had a meeting this evening. I was tensed, frustrated.
This was a meeting initiated by my onsite counterpart to discuss some issues and my boss and reportee were both invited. I knew the man was going to point fingers at me.I just knew it! Darn him!

"The mistake was not mine! Why must I always take the blame? Why is not everyone doing their work properly? Oh God! what is the man going to say? How about I give the meeting a miss? How come my reportee, the culprit is so cool and confident? he is so lazy!" ... My mind was bursting with excuses, reasons, questions and resentments.

I was nervous and resentful that the others did not seem to have any nerves.

Then the meeting started and went the way meetings go and at its end my onsite counterpart heaved a big sigh! and said, "I was so nervous about this meeting, I wanted another colleague to attend it with me.. you know as a kind of moral support. But its OK, we will be able to complete our work in time".

Well! well! waddya know? :-).

Sometimes we forget that others are normal humans too and are probably facing the same fears and frustrations that we are. They may not come out and say/show it or post it in their blogs and bore their friends to tears. Does not mean they are infinitely confident or knowledgeable.

A friend once told me, that each of us have our own phobias which we hide well. But then we look at each other enviously thinking." Look she/he is without any issues, while I am so phobic."
 Little do we realize that  they are probably looking right back at us and thinking just about the same thing.

..and on other things

=& While I am sure the whole state is rejoicing the election results. I mean talk of a clean sweep. What had me grinning was the pure glee on the faces of newscasters in the Jaya channels.
Not joy but glee, like kids have when their prank goes through successfully.
The grand old man obviously didn't so much as peep outside his residence. But we are used to that, aren't we? But his gall never fails to amaze me. He was shocked and disappointed by the TN people I hear, for not choosing him. Especially after all the good he had done for them. But, good guy that he is, he understands this as a chance given by his people for him to recuperate and come back (COME BACK???!!! God save us all)

=& To top it, my mom calls me frantically from work to say RajniKanth has passed away. Since my place of work is near where he is admitted she was worried about how I would get back home.
I am no fan of his, but I was surprised at the depth of sadness I felt on hearing this news... Which turned out, happily, to be only a rumor.

=& Yesterday in Vijay TV, they were telecasting the wedding of Junior NTR. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton would not be able to hold a candle to this one. Wow! the whole wedding took place in a huge set created just for this occasion and I mean Huge! The bride's wedding sari cost Rs. 3.75 lakhs or there about.

=& I have discovered this share auto for my morning transportation to work with a DVD player in it. You know the one with a little screen? And the driver is one of the most mannerly guys I have known. He actually thanks his passengers when we get off and best of all, he puts on any songs I ask for. I am thinking of asking if he will let me borrow his DVD collection with me. :-)

Bank Customer Help

I want a word with the person who named these people who attend the phones at the bank as customer "help" desk personnel. This is the conversation I had with a lady who called me on behalf of my bank to verify if my contact details were correct.

She: Hello, Mr. Sanjana ?
Me: No, But this is Ms. Sanjana
She: *Pauses for a minute* Yes, Mr. Sanjana, I am so and so from your bank and I am calling to verify if you contact details are correct
Me: Sighhhh! OK
She: Are u getting our mails and letters on time in the right address, Sir
Me: (Totally insulted by now) You have been talking to me for the few minutes now, Do I sound like Sir?
She: *Pauses again* Sorry Ma'am. Are getting our mails
Me: Yes. So tell me since you have my details in front of you, is my gender showing as Male in my profile?
She: No Ma'am
Me: So why do I get all mails from you guys addressed to me as Mister and why did you call me mister?
She: Sorry Ma'am please come to the nearest branch with your Foto ID proof to change your name to Ms
Me: What do u mean come to your branch? Can't you do it? and with ID proof? Can't your personnel look at a person and decide if they are a mister or Ms... especially considering their profile in the bank shows their correct gender already? and I don't want to change my name.. Just my salutation.
She: I totally understand ma'am. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am unable to edit any information in the system. You will have to go to your nearest branch.
Me: *Grumble* OK
She: And ma'am be sure to take an photo ID proof that has all personal information including your gender. *Hangs up*
Me: :-O

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes! I don't like cooking! There I have said it out loud.
And eagerly waiting for lightning to strike me dead!

Why the astonished faces, worse the ashamed face? God knows I am not ashamed of it.
No! It does not mean I cannot cook just that I do not like it.
And even if I did not know to cook, what do you care?
 Please be assured, it is not akin to serial killing.
While this may amaze and astonish ..NO! my sex is not determined by my cooking skills.

An acquaintance, whose name I did not even bother to know, met me at the pantry and us being womenfolks had to ask me the ubiquitous question.

She: Do you cook?
Me:  yes but I don't like to.
*Close up* Her Shocked face. Then a sudden clearing and ...
She: Oh! you mean you haven't learnt cooking.
Me: No, I can cook, just don't like to
She: See! you will get interest if you want to cook some dish to perfection so every one can enjoy it. *comes near me to whisper her secret* My mom does not cook a few dishes well (Guess I was supposed to Gasp with wonder here) So I learnt to cook those dishes really well.
Me: *With a get a life face*:- As long as I don't starve, I could not care less if something is cooked to perfection or not.

I could have been a pariah after that, the lady could not get away from me fast enough. What was funny was there were 3 men sitting behind us and am guessing overhearing our conversation.
When I got up to leave.. I found all 3 staring at me with the most weird look on their face.

And what do you know .. my friend just pings me to grumble about something similar
Turns out her colleague who sits in the next cubicle was totally disgusted with her for getting recipes from the internet. Wanted to know what kind of cook would check the internet for recipes and was all sympathies for her family.

I remember a colleague at my old office asking me most flabbergastingly "But you are a girl, how can you not like cooking?"

I honestly think i would be forgiven for murder, if only I could like cooking... Gahhh!!!!!
People, PLEASE get a LIFE!!!!!