Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh God!!!!

This is the only place I know where they greet even God with Chocolates and Bouquets. In US, atleast the few temples that I have been to, people bring bouquets to worship god. Also the prasad could be anything from nuts to chocolate fudge. Next they will be asking God out to the prom too

What is the difference between a Child and a Dog in US.

The dog has four legs
The dog is taken for a walk
The dog is kept on a leash when out of the house
The dog is petted and feted by family and friends of owner

The child has two legs
The child is taken out for walks
The child is also kept on a leash when out of the house
The child is also feted and cooed by family and friends of parents

Umm!!! doesn't seem like there is much in the way of differences huh?!
While I understand that leash is a great way of keeping the small toddlers in control. It does not sit well with me to see a child and a dog both in leashes.
I am told that pets are a great ease for loneliness, which is why the people here are obsessed with them. But it did seem too much of a overkill when I saw a desk with one photo of a child surrounded by 8 - 10 photos of a dog at my workplace.

Got a Brand New iPod. Video, 30 GB and I am still admiring it

Could not resist temptation and bought a 3 inch heels shoes (not stilleto... as I still do not have a death wish) and am now on top of the world (Pun intended)

Hmm!!! All in all a very eventful :-) and very very expensive :-( week...


Anonymous said...

Consider bouquets and chocolates as "malli poo" and "kalkandu" I guess! oooh..that wld be a fun date! :P
oh yeah...the way they treat dogs here! unbelievable! one of my colleagues has a pic of a dog & goes around saying its her nephew!!
Good for u!!
ohmygod! 3 inch heels?? hope u r walking with some other support too!;)

Sanjana said...

hey P.. me walking pretty good and without support... but my feet kills me after half an hour or so of continuous walking :-p
Like obelix says "These americans are crazy".. hehehe

Anonymous said...

nee naduthu ma!! ;-)