Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hate writing reviews of movies or books... especially as I am no good at them. But I just could not resist myself after seeing the Hindi Ghajini.

Not sure how many of you saw the Tamil Version of the movie. Surya and Asin were great and they seemed to gel so well and their screen ( much as I hate to use the word) chemistry was just awesome.
The songs by Harris Jayaraj were and are so wildly popular and extremely catchy. Oru Malai and Sutrum Vizhi still topping my personal favourite list.

Aamir being another favourite.. I was eagerly looking forward to his Ghajini. Saw it today and was pretty disappointed. :-( ...

Aamir and Asin both Rocked... unfortunately they rocked separately. Though they were on the same screen, it felt like they were not even talking to each other.
The songs .. An Aamir movie with Music direction by A R Rahman... Sheeesshh!!!!

I hear its a big box office hit... good for them!.. but still an over all thumbs down... :-(


Santosh said...

Same here ! With all the expectations that i had for this movie, It was a dampner. Specially the Climax.


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RS said...

hey! Long time no see? :-( Waiting for you to write something i can comment on! - And didnt like Ghajini much either...