Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Acts of Faith

It feels like all my favourite authors are dropping dead. It was just a few months back that I went on mourning for Michael Crichton, and now (well actually, a month ago) Erich Segal passed away at 72, owing to a heart attack.

His "Love Story" (which actually made me cry, my only consolation then was that my rather stoic brother had tears in his eyes at the end of the book too) was my first book and it had me hooked.

The next book of his, that I got my hands on, was "The Doctor". The summary on the jacket of the book said it was about two friends who fall in love. Being in school and quite a romantic (whose parents had strictly forbidden romance books until college) I was quite happy to devour it. Only to find that the book was more about their lives before they fall in love and marry, which was almost at the end of the book. Quite disappointing!!!

What I didnt realise then, was that it took a little more maturity, than what I had then, to enjoy his books.

I have since then read and enjoyed almost all his books and found them to be introspective, something you can read, think and read some more.

I have to mention his "Acts of Faith" as it remains my all time favourite. God Knows! I must have read that book some 15-20 times. But every time I read it, I find one more facet to enjoy and think upon. And everytime I read this book, I find myself living with the characters and sharing their agony, their love, confusion and happiness.

I shall not say any more, as I am no good at putting my feelings into words, especially when they pertain to books (one of the main reasons why I never write reviews on books)

But I have to say that Erich Segal was a great author and he goes right into my Personal Hall of fame!!! RIP!!!



Hazel said...

Hmm.. me too.. infact I have all his books . .. RIP

Sanjana said...

I have some new ebooks u might enjoy and loads of movies too. Now we just have to decide how to meet. :-)

RS said...

Hey! I want Acts of Faith too! :-( Have read all of his other books.

Sanjana said...

@RS: Will send u the ebook