Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phir mile sur mera tumhara

It was colourful, peppy and quite entertaining. It had almost all the bollywood and other "wood" stars, and a few artists too. Just so you dont blame them, at the veryyyyyy end some sports persons and military folks were shown. Right when the song was gasping to its end.

I quite liked the idea of having the children of the maestros who sang/played in the original, sing/play with them now.

I absolutely adored Salman's sign language with the kids. Awesome!!!

But I just wish it was not some supposed wacky version of "Mile sur". It looked like a movie promo with all the other artistes and sports personnel left hanging by their nails at the very end. But then this is something A R Rahman is quite famous for: Taking something that is or almost is a classic and changing it until you wince everytime you hear it.

I remember running to TV, as a kid,every time they used to put the original "Mile sur mere" on TV. Every Time!!!!

The original has not been telecast in ages and I understand it has been 22 years since it was created....Today my mom, my cousins and I were able to sing the whole song. Every line and every language.

Its extremely doubtful if the new version would have a miniscule percentage of the impact that the original one had.

An absolute let down!!!!

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