Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mahabharath meets God Father

I know! I know! I have always maintained never to write about movies or books, coz lets face it I really suck at it.

But I could not resist.
In the last couple of days I saw Rajneeti and Singam (or should I say asingam *smirk*)

Yep. Rajneeti was the Mahabharath meets God Father. I have not liked Ranbir kapoor in any of his romantic avatars so far. He just rubs me wrong. (Am I going to be shot for this blasphemy?)

Anyways as an arrogant, know-it-all, strong, silent, manipulative user he comes across so naturally in this movie. I really liked him.
And once the movie was done, I rushed to get my copy of the God father to read it again. It was such a nostalgic pull to read about Michael Corleone
Katrina's character was kinda vague and slightly spineless. I loved Nana patekar though. So calm and collected and always smiling, whether he is encouraging one nephew to kill another or throwing his sister's baby into the river.

Despite my predisposition to find it boring, Rajneeti was a surprisingly interesting movie.

On the other hand, Singam!!!! what a movie!!!
When I fast forwarded the songs, the fight sequences and the so-called comedy (its sad to see how pathetic Vivek has become), the actual movie lasted about 20 minutes.

Small town police man comes to Chennai to clean the dirty polluted city and kill the bad man, played quite predictably by Prakash Raj.

Now and then I had to stare at Surya just to make sure I was not seeing Vijay.

You could literally see Surya and Prakash Raj yawn through the whole movie. It was such an insult to their talent. Wonder why they agreed to it. Hmm! maybe it as an easy means of making money and not have to work too hard histrionically.

But can we blame them? I have not seen any movies under the Sun Pictures and their cousins’ banners that are worth writing home about. The heroines change and the hero remains or the hero changes and the heroines are constant. But whatever changes or remains, the story line (for the lack of a better word) is always the same. Sigh!!!


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