Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fone etiquette

Just one point I wanted to mention

People should NOT speak with their wives/ Girl friends /Husbands / Boy friends over the phone, while sitting at their work station, if they

a) have a loud voice
b) are going to fight or make love

While it might not bother them, it has some entertainment value to the rest of us.. but is basically disgusting and irritating.
They are, after all, washing their dirty linen in public

Today we (as in the whole floor) were unfortunate enough to hear the fight between this guy and his wife. while he does make love and fight to his wife only after coming to work everyday. It was somehow louder today and I was seriously tempted to stuff his mobile ... ahh hmmm! well you get the idea

Oh! this point actually holds true if they are going to koochikoo your kid too.
Please believe me, its totally disgusting to overhear your workstation neighbour on the phone, describing her kid's cutest poop to someone.
Poop? Cute? Gahhhh! Kill me now!



RS said...

:-D As always.

Ahem! Fight is still ok but love...??!! *Raising eyebrows*
Some juicy gossip...

Sanjana said...

Sigh!! nothing interesting worth sharing dear. just nauseating stuff.

Tamanna said...

I am curious about the poop conversation. More more..

Sanjana said...

@Tamanna: :-O