Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changing the background

Hey All, bear with me as I keep changing the back grounds until I come to one I like. Feel free to let me know if you like any BG.
The old one got to be boring and the new one was pretty, calming and well.. boring too.
But I left it on just to be contrary.. but not any more.
I can't seem to make my mind on what I like. So its going to be a very colorful time for you and me :-)


RS said...

Ah! so this way I will know you keep visiting your space :-) And I like this rainy background too. Its so hot here that I would like this weather :-)

Sanjana said...

@ RS: I do visit my space all the time, its others' space that I do not visit - thanks to google Reader. :-)
Yeah this BG seems to be cool in a otherwise hot weather. I am not all that very impressed by the other options given by blogger.. so the search continues