Saturday, October 14, 2006

Diwali without firecrackers?

Should India ban firecrackers?

Oh my! God!!! Its bad enough that I cannot be around in India, during the most festive, colourful and enjoyable of festivals. Now they want to ban firecrackers in India and that too during Diwali… Aargh!!! Why don’t these people put all this energy in doing something really useful like saving the world? Can one even imagine a diwali without crackers? But sadly there has been a lessening of the bursting of firecrackers over the years… or am I just growing up and do not burst them as much as I used to…. Naaahhh!!!

People have just become more worried about the environment and society. Good! but not at the cost of diwali… no sireee..
Another reason I heard for not bursting crackers was that the firecrackers factories use maximum of child labour. Horrible thing, no doubt.

When the parents of such children were interviewed though, they gave an answer that was absolutely irrefutable. They said, that much as they would love to have their children go to school and study, this kind of labour at least keeps the children (if not the whole family) in food. What use, they ask, would education be when their children are not even getting the 2 meals per day, this way at least they do not go hungry. :-(

I tell myself, every time I burst a cracker, that maybe a child was able to eat today.

So have a Safe and Colourful Diwali!!! :-)


ranjith said...

the firecracker-banning is one of those moronic ideas by some of the self-proclaimed intellects and "social" activists.they've been pushing this for sometime now. they always come up with the most stupid and impractical solution to all problems! as u rightly said, child labour is a consequence of poverty and it will disappear only when the u get rid of poverty; may be during during the occasion of diwali we(our country) shud think about novel ideas to bring better employment opportunities to the poorer ppl rather than debating on the firecracker ban!

hazel said...

hmm ..whatever happnd to the food they provide in schools.. :).. moronic true ... maybe they coul first get those smoky bikes checked first .. :)