Monday, October 09, 2006

Me Thinks...

Was just chatting with a buddy about having a writer's block and not able to think of anything to write when suddenly I had all these thoughts I just had to share. But you know how it is with the idea deluges, they leave as fast as the come.. But here are some of them that I still remember.

=> It pleased my feminist senses to learn that the President of my company is a Dynamic lady. It reminded me of a time not so long ago, in India when someone I knew (a man, of course) was thinking of getting a transfer, as his new boss was a lady. Me thinks the ego of the men in India have been pandered to, for far too long. In fact a friend of mine advised me that to win a man's heart, a woman has to be ready to be submissive and soothe his all important ego at all times. (my reply to this comment would obviously not be suitable in the blog). Now then, before all the men get up in the arms... I am not trying to generalize... I am sure there are a rare few of you who do not think along these lines. (In fact the men who raise their voice against what I have just written will not be the rare good guys ..heheheh)

=>I see so many women here in US, who have resigned from great jobs in India, changed and adapted to new lifestyles to be with their husbands and are feeling bored beyond words as their capabilities are going waste... Me thinks, why is it women who are always doing the sacrifices and are they appreciated for it or just taken for granted just as ever

=> On the lighter side, visited the downtown in my city. Its supposed to be one of the most dangerous areas with routine mugging etc. So was expecting it to be dark, with lotsa empty alleys and dangerous looking people hanging around... Me thinks, I was almost disappointed to find it look like parrys corner with loads of decent looking people shopping and a rather festive air around the whole place... and no alleys... just wide well lit roads.

=> Me thinks, after all the places I visited both inside and outside India, that Home is where the heart is and Heart is firmly lodged in Chennai... a friend reminded me that I sounded like the frog in the well story, where the frog concludes that the well is more beautiful than the sea. Yeah my Chennai is more beautiful than all the places I visited and my memory seems to keep embellishing it in to a more and more beautiful place with time.

=> Me thinks it is astonishing how many old acquaintances and friends I have found in US. it seems like most of my school, college and other varied friends have all settled right here... US seems to have become an extension of India.

=> Finally me thinks, making a guest welcome, at home and so very comfy is an art very few people can master. P and K you rock!!!

PS: I had this cute pic to upload... but for some reason blogger is not letting me upload the pic.. :-(


Anonymous said...

hey that was quick!
i thot u must be ge-ing around!

"memory keeps embellishing chennai": ha ha! u must have had ur favorite cocktail (yes! M......ta.!)again!

and about uploading pic: i learn that using "flickr" is the best way of doin it. so try that

more later,

Sanjana said...

@Anon: I was GEing, but since u helped find my place so fast I decided to write this one instead...what favourite cocktail? I have tried only one so far and that had no effect watsoever :-(

Anonymous said...

Well, if the woman is in India, I think it is taken for granted that she would move in with her husband. But I have seen a few instances here (of Indians), where the husband has moved to the wife's place. As to feeling bored and their capabilities going waste, I think its the woman's fault..there are infact lot more opportunities here to do what u want & respected for it..
btw, you are very welcome dear!

Sanjana said...

@P: Yeah I am talking about the indian women here in US (not ones who have settled here,but who have accompanied their men on long term assignments). They are unable to work because either their VISA does not allow it or their spouses.

Vikram said...

Hey, I am in toronto, ah finally in foreign country on behalf of company.
Vikram Reddy

Sanjana said...

vikram... this is absolutely smashing news :-)... which company do u work for now?
mail me all ur details..including ur fone number... i wanted to mail u but i lost ur mail id :-(