Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back...again... I think!!!

Hey All, I am back in India and back to blogging, hopefully permanently on both cases.
Visited so many places and learnt so many things that are probably useless to life and enjoyed myself thoroughly for almost a year.

Everyone there told me that the first time I come back, everything here would be just that bit louder, polluted, brighter and alienish. But the minute I landed, I Just felt like I was... home.

The absolute disregard for traffic rules was of course mildly horrifying that is until I traveled during the peak traffic hours, then it became a free for all, life or death, roller coaster ride.

The second sneakiest means of transport on God's earth, after the two wheelers is the auto and a distance of about 3 miles took me a little over one hour to travel and by God! what a ride it was!

I was silently screaming (silent for fear that any sound might disturb the driver, which is of course stupid coz even my loudest scream would not have reached him amidst all the blaring cacophony of horns) with my eyes closed most of the time. There was an almost accident right outside my house when an auto and cycle were trying to gauge who could cover the distance between a turning school bus and the concrete divider and I had not even started on my journey.

I was gaping at the whole thing with wide frightened eyes... I mean I was the only one gaping at it with wide frightened eyes. Even the parties involved cursed each other a bit and went their merry way!!!

Oooooh yeah!!! I am home!!!

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