Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cuckoo - My Bane

What can I say, there are actually people in the world who like the caterwauling of cuckoo and think is a happy sound...
Me! I would take a crow's cawing anytime over the cuckoo

I hate cuckoos… especially the demon cuckoo that sits right outside my bedroom window.
Every morning 3.45 AM sharp "COOOOOOO"... persistent little thing that it is, it coos until I wake up... and as soon as I start dozing again ..."Cooooooooo".

Aaaargh!!! I hate rainy season and I am going to stone the damn bird as soon as I get my hands on it.

Now I know why they say the crazy “have gone cuckoo”… They too probably had one right outside their room.

Oh! For a night of uninterrupted sleep... sigh!!!!


Tamanna said...

he he ditto sanju

this used to happen to me when i was in the hostel, there was this branch right outside my window and this cuckoo used to make a horrendous noise in the mornings.

now i live in a concrete jungle so no fears of that. dunno if thats a good thing though

Anonymous said...

hi harini, nice blogs...

Sanjana said...

Thanks Arun :-)

Anonymous said...

i should send more cuckoo to your window. HE HE HE
-a well wisher

Sanjana said...

hmph!!! u sure dont sound like a well wisher...:-)
BTW the cuckoo has shifted to a far away tree... yahooo!!!!