Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Going to the dogs

I swear the world is going to the dogs and me along with it.

Guess the whole world is bored and just running around like a headless chicken.

Thankfully its only during those rare times when I stop, look back and wonder what I am doing that it strikes me as crazy.

Everyone is bragging about what they did to see the Sivaji movie, it seems to be a matter of social status. I guess I am somewhere in the range of a worm socially for not only not having seen it and having absolutely no curiousity or interest to see it either.

A colleague paid 1000 bucks, booked in advance and then had to stand and see the movie for the three hours, coz it was the first day, first show and he was completely satisfied. the police were not able to control the crowds at the theaters that day, mostly becuase they were fighting to get into the theaters themselved :-p.

If I had paid 1000 bucks to see a movie I would expect a red carpet welcome and a royal treatment...so there!!!

There are a community full of people waiting to kill a girl, including her father and uncle, in a not so far of country. All because she "dishonoured" the whole community by wanting to marry a boy from another community. The girl's father and uncle were arrested but the girl is still under death threat. Here I was thinking this happens only in "Poonjollai gramam" when the ooru Panchayat president decides to save "Gramathoda Maanam".

India and Pakisthan are all set to mend fences once again... this is expected to be a complete success until the next time Pakistan decides to bomb / kill indians. After which India will initiate a new agenda to mend fences

India has allowed USS Nimitz to park right by its doorstep, so that the US govt might find it easier to make India the next Afganisthan or Iraq.

10 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Yemen and I still cannot think of one social cause that would make me want to kill myself and 10 other people and I thank God for such favours everyday.

Amidst all this here are a 100 people worrying and working themselves to death so that some anonymous person half the world away might get a miniscule percent more interest on their investment.

Honestly, is it just me ???


Rashmi said...

well!!! sorry to break that 'im unique' tag of urs...but even i feel there is nothing much to die for :)..

though this feeling of mine sometimes vanishes without a trace when I see that sometimes some people in this country deserve to die at my hands (me imagining myself as a filmy heroine on a vengence against the wrong doers)..but b4 this feeling can be materialised suddenly my inner self tells me 'naaa---this is not a cause worth spending time behind bars or a death sentence', so back to old self of inaction and the everyday trial of adjusting to the politics around me

Sanjana said...

Rash, it was not an " I am unique" thingy, but a confused query to know if everyone else feels the same way i do.

Hmm!! while i do understand the instinct sometime for vengence filmy style that u talk of, I cannot even dream of harming myself in the process.. so i guess that lets out people like us :-)