Thursday, December 27, 2007


Its 9 in the morning and one hour since I arrived.
I am in a corner noting the whole scene unfolding in front of me.

People are moving around with determined, focussed faces like they have somewhere important to go and something important to do.

I am bored and bewildered. A most confusing mix of emotions to be sure.

Everything is new to me and I am new to everyone.

They all seem to be talking in a weird language that sounds familiar but is not, or is it the vice versa. I am nodding my head knowledgeably right along with every one. Are they all feeling as lost as I do? Or do they really understand what is being said and done? But how can that be? Aren't they are all as new to this as I.

Is everyone discussing something important?
Have I missed something?
Have I completed everything that needs to be done?
What does fate have in store for me next?

I really should get up and move around and check out what is being done.hmm! But I am so comfy right where I am and drowzy .. so here I am sitting in a corner, noting the scenes unfolding in front of me,feeling bored and bewildered....


Anonymous said...

Start working and you will only be more bewildered and worried! Your picture gives a lot more meaning to the text :-)

Sanjana said...

Hmm!!! not very encouraging :-( But thanx :-)

Anonymous said...

:-) blame it on it being the last week of the year...


Anonymous said...

Get in and slay 'em...All the best!!


Sanjana said...

@NNN: Thanx N :-)

@Neena: Hope u have got ur optimism back now that the new year has started