Thursday, January 03, 2008

Repulsive Attraction

Hmmm Maybe attraction is not the right word for it.
But have you ever felt repulsed by something and also a weird curiosity to know more about it.
A part of you wants to shut it down and forget about it and another part of you is compelled to see it/ learn about it/ touch it ... whatever that "It" is.
The first time I felt this way was four years back when seeing a video forwarded to me by someone on some atrocities done by terrorists. God! that was awful! and left me totally shaken and trembling.
Anyway I digress.
This time on the repulsive attraction was caused by articles on the Footbinding custom of chinese women and the reaction of the chinese men to it.
Out to prove my sis wrong that Japanese women were forced into footbinding I ended up finding out that it was actually the Chinese women who were forced to do it.
The process and pictures, left my toes curling and totally weirded out.
I refuse to say any more about it in my blog.
But interested people can google it

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