Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eve Teasing??? hmm!!!

I have been accused of being feminist and I am unapologetically so.
I have written couple of blogs in favor of the worthy things done by the Blank Noise Project and was very impressed and relieved that someone had at last taken the initiative to throw limelight on the subject of Eve teasing and still am.

I can sympathize and more importantly empathize with the ladies/girls sharing their stories out there.

But much as it pains me, I have to say there should be a clear line of demarcation between what is perceived as eve teasing and what is plain paranoia.

They have a forum called “Unwanted” where women can take photos of the men who have abused/eve teased them. While I do applaud the thought behind it and even agree that it is a good idea for the mugs of gropers and pinchers and various other pigs to be posted, it does not seem fair to put in the photo of just any guy because he was looking at you or because you do not like his looks.

Have u tried glaring back or just asking him what he is looking at...before blindly deciding he is eve teasing and posting his photo

One photo showed a crowd, with three men in prominence. I am not sure why their photos were even posted.

Men, sitting in the women’s side of public transport do not really constitute eve teasing; it just shows the lack of chivalry. And since there is no such creature of chivalry in India, we really cannot be surprised by that.

There are so many more serious issues that women all over the world face on the roads/ public transports/ schools/ work place/ even homes that requires BNP’s attention.

There is, after all, only a very thin line between use and abuse of any power

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