Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Flu -- Hmph!!

There is something very diabolic about getting the flu. Everyone suddenly notices you and you are pampered to death and you can't even enjoy it, coz you are busy feeling miserable.

You go to the doctor hoping for a quick check up and a prescription and end up with having to take a helluva lot of tests, which always includes blood test or something similar that requires piercing or cutting your skin.

Armed with the test results you go back to the Doc, with a hopeful look on ur face and tell him please no injections.. he grins at u ( the devil!!!) and says its best if you have a course of 15-20 injections of some medicine or other... and it has to be intravenal... in other words.. most painful...

And this is one time when parents and relatives all ditch you to your miserable fate ..

Well! Yeah! the doc has asked me to take injections for 15 days and I hate injections... Waaahhhh


Anonymous said...

woah!! 15 injections?!! u sure this isnt the doc's plan of making some quick money??

RS said...

Hey! What happened suddenly? And 15 injections?!! :-O *Shudder* Isnt there an alternative?

Sanjana said...

@nnn: Nahhh... its my family doc, he is almost 80..and quite rich

@RS: trust me i asked him.. he sez its best I get the injections :-(

RS said...

Hey! How are ya? And I tagged you! I struggled - now you do too! ;-)