Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nostalgia :-)

Someone asked me "If you could go back time and change some event, what would be it?"
My answer then (and now) is that I would not change anything for I have always been a staunch believer in Butterfly effect, even before I knew the term.

But I would love to have a chance to turn back the clock and go back to some of the times of life's joys

A time where the only responsibility was to get up in time to reach college/school.

A time when all our friends were just around us and going to a movie or just hanging out meant turning your head to call out to them or at most call them over the phone. You never had to worry about your appointments or theirs.

Cutting classes, snickering about lecturers, playing pranks, teasing the "pairs", fighting with friends... feeling miserable and them making up, spending hours over the phone talking god knows what.

I remember a time when six of us, got together at a friend's place for group study and the next thing we knew...we ended up in the VGP Golden beach. It rained cats and dogs and we ate everything on sight and went on every ride and got sick. What Fun!

Another time when almost 15 of us went to see "Bend it like Beckham", bought wrong tickets at the theatre and went to see a Hindi movie (i don't remember anything about the movie except it was totally lousy) and none of my friends understood Hindi..

And there was the time when 10 of us and some of us meeting that day for the first time, went on a bus tour in the US. The bus was filled with Chinese, except us and another Indian family of three. I doubt the tour company will ever take Indians on another tour again.. hehehehe

Walking to the beach everyday with a friend, where we used to play in the waves and make up stories of all the people out there.
Sigh! where has the time flown away. When did we all grow up and away from each other. Different priorities and responsibilities.

Sometimes I wish....
my boss would let me dream in peace.. OK folks time to go back to work.


RS said...

Hey! Very similar to the one i've just written. Guess - like minds think alike at almost the same time too!!! :-p

Niva said...

i wud say i was aware when we grew away from eachother, only that, i wud think my friends didn't, or they did too but were thinking like me... :) hey nice post.

Sanjana said...

@Niva: Thanks :-)...I dont think the moving away is something we do voluntarily.. but life interferes and we all follow different path and before we know it we have left each other behind.