Sunday, November 16, 2008


The sound of rain never fails to bring a smile on my face. Just as the thought of walking out on it never fails to put a frown.

When I am walking down the road, with the dirty rain water flowing at some places and stagnant at some.. never sure if I am going to step into an open drainage or ditch and break my leg, Wet. cold and miserable, the only thought running in my head is "Who ever said walking in the rain was romantic must be hit upside of their head and made to walk down this road".

But today when reminiscing ... one of my favourite memories is of my friend and me caught in a warm summer rain while standing in the cold water in the beach.

Now as I am all cozied up in my room, snuggled under a quilt and reading books or writing, listening to the soft patter of rain and loud growls of thunder all around me... sigh!! I can smile, for it truly is a wonderful feeling and I am content.

PS: For those who have not had a chance yet, the beach just before a storm is one of most beautiful places to be. You can actually see the two great forces of nature fight for dominance


ArchFULLY said...


ArchFULLY said...

when i walk in the rain ...waddling through the stagnant waters, i always think of only one thing..
Did someone or some animal's shit mix in the water..
I just can not get that thought out of my head..

RS said...

Hey! I had left a comment here yesterday! Its not come :-( Anyways,I Lurve getting wet in the rain,walking in the rain.But I agree definitely not on the streets like you've mentioned. Try getting wet in your own backyard-no crowd - ogling orotherwise and no dirty water :-) - Its funnnn.

RS said...

Yohoo! babe! I tagged you again! Lets see how 'quirky' you are...