Friday, November 14, 2008

This corner of the world!

It all started as friction between two factions of students in the Ambedkar Law college over wording in a hand notice and blew up into a major riot situation.
The pre- informed police and college management stood mutely by and watched while three of the college kids were brutally beaten up.

The whole thing was covered by the media and the violence shown by the instigators were shocking and the callousness of the police and to an extent the media, breath taking.I have been trying to imagine - what kind of mentality would it take to catch a running man and hit him with a thick stick, so mercilessly and brutally, throw stones at his head and still live with themselves... all over a piece of hand notice!

Even bombing can be understood, 'coz the cowards are nowhere near the place of impact. But to actually be there and inflict the kind of horrendous injuries on a fellow human being... to see the person break and bleed and still stomp and throw stones and sticks .. and dare to show their faces on the national TV with absolutely no fear of repurcussion (Divine or otherwise)... God!!!!

There was this boy... badly hit, bleeding and trying to get up and failing and the cameras were all around him trying to capture his pathetic condition until it was thoroughly utilized for ratings, before sending for help.
Another beaten student was dragged by two constables and dropped into a waiting share auto which did not even have a driver.

And while all this was happening, the government was busily collecting money to save the Tamils in the neighbouring country, as everything is milk and roses in our own. While the opposition was busy trying to glean as much support for itself and gain points against...

The capacity of the human species to cause so much pain, havoc and destruction and flick it off like so much dust, incessantly continues to surprise and nauseate me.

Sometimes I really feel sick and ashamed of my own and how sad is that? :-(

PS: My aunt says this kind of violence has its basis on movies. I don't really agree.. How about you?


nikhilraikar said...

I saw the videos of the fight from many news websites. Feel so frustrated that casteism can cause ppl to stoop down so low. And as you said, the only thing politicians and media did was to crack the whip on the cops. No doubt the cops were to blame for inaction.

But do u think that the "students" who were beaten were saints? They never did anything wrong in the college? How come they were the only ones beaten and not the umpteen students standing there? These 4 students would have done exactly the same thing had there been 50 of them and only 5 of the other gang. I feel they brought it on themselves.

Sadly, it doesnt stop here. Soon, the beaten gang will extract revenge (may be even more gruesome) and this story will continue.

And within all this, these boys are students -- on whose shoulders lies the responsibility of metting justice to the common man.

God save us. Amen.

Sanjana said...

@ Nikhil: Thanks for sharing ur views. And no I dont think they are saints and am not sure what they would do, if they were not beaten up.
At the same time I am not able to justify to myself that violence like that is "brought on by themselves" or anything deserves that kind of retaliation.

While I hope the same thing as you do... I doubt He is going to do anything about it...

God Save us! Amen! :-)

RS said...

Sine Nikhil's alredy said what I wanted to, let me just add that -NO!!! I DONT think its the influence of movies. Rather - arent movies supposed to be a representation of real life?