Thursday, February 26, 2009

Confused and sad

As I sit at work, I look down a precipice, towards which two people, with whom I am in no way connected, have pushed me.

Like vultures waiting for the wounded to die and pecking at them to hasten the process, there were so many taking great glee in the situation.

From a valued worker being wooed by so many, I am suddenly tainted (Hmph!!!) - who cares that I had nothing to do with it.There are so many in my boat, but I am not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, as all of us are being pushed along the wild ride and none of us have the rudder. Every day brings new surprises and not sure who to turn to or trust.

Will I have to jump? Can I make it safely to the other side? Do I have a parachute that will save me otherwise?

And just to make me feel even more comfortable are the curious who want to know what will happen to me? The ones with concern, I understand , but its the ones with glee or pity in their voice that irritate.
I am furious, but not sure against whom?

Then I look around, there are breadwinners with their whole families dependent on them, some of them with big loans or awaiting their marriage. hmm!!! Guess I am better placed after all.

Friends advice me to not worry, after all I have no control over what is happening. Does that not add to the over all confusion? Are they really so cool? Are their paths clear, where mine is confused? Or are they just asking me not to say all the things they fear, for it makes it even more real?

But life revolves around hope and that is what we are all clutching at.

So here I am looking down the precipice and telling myself "This too shall pass".


Anonymous said...

Sanjana, whatever you said is exactly correct and very apt to current situation where we are in. Feel like, going to be in all directions having NO clarity in near future. Not sure, where we are being lead to; could be a happier or sorrow; could be a blessing or a curse; could be going together whichever the destination to or we all dispersing. Let us follow the crowd and be happy, since things are not in our control. ---- Prasad

ArchFULLY said...

This is a testing time for us. This may turn out to be our bext move or biggest mistake. It may not even be anything worth talking about in a couple of months time. Only time will tell.

RS said...

Sanjana - Like you've rightly said: THis too shall pass Babe!

Things are tough now - but there has to come a better time...