Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Priorities Priorites!!!!

My mobile phone service is prepaid and in November I had to recharge it. The service provider told me not to recharge for a large amount as December was just around the bend and there would be some great offers for Christmas and new year.

hmm!!! sounded sensible and so I agreed and went my way.

December came rolling and Christmas came , no new offers... New Year came.. no new offers.. Pongal came .. no New offers

I was getting desperate and recharged my mobile anyway.

Then February came whistling along and my mobile literally burst with messages about all those great offers that were promised...

Yep!!! Valentine's day was on the brink and there would be loads of people wanting to talk to their sweethearts....

What were two bit holidays like Christmas, New Year or Pongal when compared to Valentine's day...

Sigh!!! As I said Priorities Priorities!!!! J J

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