Friday, November 27, 2009

Back, Back , Back...

Not sure for how long, but for what it is worth, I am back again.. again. :-)

Have even been thinking of events in my everyday life in terms of posts in my blog, but somehow it never materialised.

But thanks to the insistence of two good friends Rush and Hazel, I decided to ditch the excuses and actually write. Not sure what.. but something.

Anyways to catch u up on whats happening with my life..

I have atlast quit the last company where I was so miserable and moved on to a new place to be slightly less miserable ..
This new place is a foreign based company and one of the largest in the world and I came here with high expectations only to find chaos and confusion and lotsa headless chickens running around (and me one among those).

Surprisingly I have also found a great new fount of patience with in myself or maybe its just me growing more mature (not old just mature.. mind it )
On the flip side, lots of new friends and loads of new experiences. Travelling by public transport again ... (hmm not sure if that is good or bad, but its a definite experience)

In fact most of my new friends are new or expectant mothers and I have been hearing, really more than I want, about mothering and child care... everyday. Trust me! its enough to frighten a girl outta her wits :-)

What can I say.. its a whole new world out there

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