Friday, November 27, 2009

The First step

Despite great dreams of becoming an astronaut when I was 10 and read Tintin's "Explorers in the moon", a deep abiding fascination towards egypt leading to a career in egyptology and archeology, Reading Perry Mason and wanting to be a Attorney, my life was already charted.

Starting from my 10th class whenever I was given a choice, I knew what I wanted and just went ahead. I wanted to learn science and CSC (biology was never an option since I cant stand dissection). Then my UG, despite much disappointment to my Dad for it not being a professional course, I went my way. and so on...Somehow it was all very clear, where I was going and how I was going to reach it.

Now! settled in a career of my choice and with great growth opportunities, I want to try something new .. something moreMaybe start my own business, Move to a totally different sector, become a rocket scientist (quit,stay at home and quietly go mad)...anything

But How? what? when? Its not easy answering these questions and even more is the fear of unknown. The fear to put that first step forward.

Do I dare shake my contented life by adding a whole new dimension to it? Do I dare not to? Is it enough to continue the way I am? hmmm...

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