Saturday, January 02, 2010

2 states

I had been hearing so many raving reviews about the latest book by Chetan Bhagat, that I just had to read it. I had read his first two books with some difficulty, but found the third one was beyond me. After I read this book, though my eyes were opened in many ways.
First, I guess I am too mature to read books like this. It felt like some of these gossipy, schmaltzy stories you get to read in women's magazine. (I am glad to say, most of my friends felt this way too)
I had thought apartheid was over and done with. I didnt realise it was still prevalent in the north indian mindset. I hadn't realised being fair was such a great honour and they thought south indians were blackies.. (i guess, thats like saying all north indians are dumb show offs)
The worst part was the judgemental snobish writing that sneers at the Tamil people's interest. Why should tamils enjoy the same way that Punjabis do? where does it say that you have to be totally out there and scream your enjoyment, your love and every emotion. It seems childish to rate one culture with another culture as yardstick or write about something one has no idea of. For God's sake, since when has a love for knowledge become a bad thing?
If kissing in the middle of a crowded shop is the contemperory fun thing to do, I am not sure we will find many such people in Chennai and thank you god for that.

I have an unfortunate habit of finishing any book I start, which I did with this one too and felt disgusted with myself for having wasted my time on it. (and I am now wasting a few more minutes ranting about it.. coz someone triggered me about that book again.)


Hazel said...

hmm..Hated the book.. infact after the last book, I had decided on no more Chetan Bhagat books... but well .. bowed to peer pressure..:).

Even though I agree with you on 2 states...its like a hindi movie , everything is a little exaggerated...although I have seen a hint of what he has written ,, Its never on your face the way he writes.. :)

Not making an excuse... but hey all of us come with a few preconcieved notion about different grps of people.. :)

Sanjana said...

Hey, Yep we come with pre-conceived notion about different groups.. i agree. But we do not go around disparaging the other groups owing to that. and the language used ... sicko