Wednesday, January 20, 2010


=>Is there anything worser than sitting at office when u have truckload of new
books sitting at home beckoning slyly at you. if there is I sure dont know. So here I am sitting at office, not able to concentrate on my work and not able to read the books either.. Wahhhh!!!

=> Heard of Transport Jinxes? For some reason yesterday, all my means of transport got jinxed. Wanted to take the metro bus for a change and got into one after 15 minutes of wait. The bus was soooo crowded that I got stomped, groped, screamed at, even had a guy doing some heavy breathing down my neck (ohhhhh! yuck!!!!) and the bus was crawling so slowly, that it took 40 minutes to reach two stops away (my office being 15 or so stops from home). Disgusted, I got down the bus and got into an Auto (for an atrocious amount) which broke down after going some 2/3rd of the distance. My luck was holding good and I could not get any other means of transportation from that place. So had to walk half a mile to the nearest railway station to get a share auto to office. What takes me generally 20 minutes took 1.45 hours and I literally had to drag myself up to my office to flop tiredly. (I shan't even start on how I came back home .. *phew*)

=> Its bad enough being underutilized. but it really gets my goat, when these folks talk intelligibly (read stupidly) on stuff they have no idea about and expect us to take their word as gospel.

=> Well! whaddya know, I seem to have got a following at office. I wouldn't mind it so much if these guys were single too.. hmph!!!!


Hazel said...

lol... :) you seem to be having fun! ,..

Perfectionist said...

How are you? Long time. Just opened up your blog after a long time an looks like your back! :-)
Keep going yaar!

Loadsa luv,

Sanjana said...

@Hazel:- hmm! tats one way of looking at it :-)

@Perfectionist: - Hey! long time indeed. I hear u r not farming. Infact u r not even in India anymore. and waddya know u r a blogger too... wasnt able to see ur stuff though
Do Mail or ping me some time :-)

RS said...

Hey! Its harder when you are sitting at home and you have a new book waiting to be read but you just dont have the time!

And as for being a mother - Its all about love, honey - and add to it truckloads of patience :-O

Sanjana said...

@ RS: Hey! trust me when I say i know ALLLLL about motherhood. I am surrounded by new mothers and the things I hear are enough to make me faint :-)