Friday, May 28, 2010

Eye Candy

My friends and i have been discussing this for sometime now.
The absolute dearth of eye candy in office. Its so depressing

Its not like we are asking for someone with loads of intelligence and adonis good looks and who is loving and caring with whom we can spend all our lives. (I mean we are talking reality here not someone's fantasy)

Just some eye candy we can spend time sighing upon whenever we see.

Is that so much to ask for?

Someone to pass time on. Just one.

There used to be such an adonis at school. He was a senior, a whole year elder to us. He was also rumoured to have had fought a girl's family for her love and been hurt too.
So not only was he good looking but was also a star crossed lover and a tragic hero. Needless to say my BFF and I spent a whole year having loads of fun discreetly ogling and sighing over him.

The next year he completed school and left, breaking our hearts for almost a week.

So here we are back.. dreaming of an eye candy .. someone to take our minds off our work load now and then.

Wat say gals?

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Hazel said...

And today the heavens decided to grant ur wish eh .. :) sooooo .. details ;) hehehe