Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Die For

Have you ever thought about how and when you would like to die? After all it is the ultimate goal of every living being. Something we are all inevitably pushed towards. I have been hearing about a lot of deaths and seeing a lot of sick people and this has been a topic that has been running around in my head for sometime now.

As a drunk Prakash Raj pontificating about the goodness of vellai poondu (white garlic) in the movie Mozhi, says (about his grandfather and I paraphrase) Kulichitu vandharu, thunda otharinaru, oru thumal potaru, poitaru ( Came out of his bath, flicked his towel, sneezed once and died)

No Pain, a simple death, preferably while asleep. That is what I would like. And according to our religion only the most lucky/pious get this kind of death.

Do you know there is a sloka (that I am yet to learn) on saying which one’s death will be very peaceful and painless. My g’pa was said to have said it everyday. And do you know what? He did die in his sleep. Needless to say, my people obviously believe that sloka works well.

Is it not equally important to know when one dies?
Personally, I don’t want to live a long life, just a healthy one. I think one of the most miserable way of living is, when one is unable to take care of their basic needs and is dependent on others for it. It’s a misery for oneself and for the person taking care of one. The day I become too sick or debilitated to be able to take care of myself ever, is the day I would like to die. Age no bar.



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