Wednesday, September 22, 2010

65 years and going strong.

How many of you out there have long term friends, what is now a days called as BFF or Best friends forever (Personally I think this BFF thingy sounds something out of a teenage vocabulary, but thats beside the point). How many of you think this friendship would last the ravages of time and life and actually last your lifetime?

My 75 year old aunt was literally running around quite excited, last sunday. Her face was all aglow. Why? Her school friend was coming to visit. The three of them had been friends and maintained contact all through their lives. They had been aunties to each others children and were woven into the fabric of each other's families .

This friend of my aunt actually stays in another part of the country and is not very financially strong now. She does not have a phone at home and so despite regular letters to each other,she saves/keeps a little money aside so she could call her two friends atleast a few times a year.

I was so pleased to see her husband being equally supportive of their friendship and more than happy to bring her over to see my aunt, despite his age and health.

It was such a dear thing to witness but it also made me a little envious. While I have some great friends now, at 75 would I still have such friends? Would I want to visit them then and will they be coming down to see me? I definitely hope so. :-)

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