Thursday, September 23, 2010

Langauge Snob

I am a language snob. More particularly an English language snob. While I dont claim to be any kind of master in the language, It drives me wild to see people use phrases and slangs without bothering to understand their meaning.

A case in point is this incident, which a friend related to me.

My friend was chatting with his colleague, who was deputed to the US, about staying late at work. In a bid to prove his mighty language skills and grasp of the slangs, the colleague concluded - "If I ever go home late, my wife would screw me".
My friend, after a stunned moment, was laughing too hard to continue with the conversation.

It is, therefore, only right that I sympathize with this author


RS said...

Ahem! Did the guy finally understand what he meant? *embarassing*

Anonymous said...

that is so funny,,,you need to tell me who this is


Sanjana said...

@ RS: who do u think would bell the cat? I doubt any one told him.. :-). Hope he doesnt repeat it somewhere else .

@ Maheswari :- This was at my old work place :-D

RS said...

No new posts and no comments either? Vanishing act again?