Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Laughter, my joy

I found this post all deep and hidden in my drafts. I seem to have written this about an year or so back. Not sure why I did not publish it then. So I decided to dust it out and put it up here.
I was always known for my smiles. I remember this gal I used to meet in the bus once telling me that I was always smiling and that was what she first noticed about me.

So when I did I lose my laughter and smile? It was a very slow process and very subtle. It happened over the two years at my last work place. I had not realized it was gone. All I knew was that life was no fun anymore. I was fun no more. While it might sound very dramatic, it felt like I was in this deep dark smothering place.

But now I have been out for some time and today when I laughed with my friends about something, I startled myself. I was suddenly filled with this great whooping big joy inside, I had been out of my fetters for quite some time and had just not known it.

I had got my laughter back. Something that I had not realized losing but had missed desperately.
Today, when I smile and laugh at home, at work , with friends or just at life. I know I will never take it for granted again.
Even the sorrow and rant of today is a sweet memory or amusing entertainment of tomorrow.

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