Friday, April 01, 2011

CSA Awareness Month - April

Like the little squirrel who helped Ram build the bridge to Lanka, I think its only right that I put in my little bit towards this very worthy program that  has taken up.

The 2009 movie Achchamundu Achchamundu (There is fear, there is fear) deals with pedophiles. It forcefully brought out the issue into the lime light (at least for me). I was shocked to learn that every 7 minutes a child gets abused in India.

I know of women so abused at their tender ages whose whole lives have been ruined while the men responsible went their merry way and have never been punished. Felt anger at fate and just plain miserable at my helplessness.

My beautician once told me about this case another client of hers, a police woman, handled. This girl was found abused and dead, the morning of her third birthday. After intensive investigation the culprit was found to be the child's own uncle. He later confessed apparently saying that he was just not able to control himself, but was very sorry now.

But what was absolutely mind blowing to me was the reactions from the parents and family,

One family, though angry with the perpetrator, was unwilling to do anything about it, as it would cause social stigma. The another woman was happily married off to the abuser, despite his family knowing all about it  while the abused girl is still too traumatized to even come near any male.

Another family actually screamed at the child for talking nonsense and told her that it was all her imagination and that she should respect her elders, while she looked on helpless, with nowhere to turn, as the abuse continued for years.

It was a close relative or friend in both the cases. Some one familiar with the whole family and trusted.

I've seen and read enough about the physical and psychological trauma, to want to do everything in my means to never see it again in a child or adult. Especially when I think of the innocent, joyful and trusting eyes of my nephew and nieces and all my friends' children.*shudder*

I do not really have many ideas on how to be more aware and safe except some common sensical ones such as keep an eye on your child always, be sure to let the child know he/she can come to you for ANY issues and that you would believe them, teach them the Good Touch/ Bad Touch and be very wary of strangers around your children.

Its a great initiative and if even one more parent became more aware after having read this post, I am satisfied.


Anonymous said...


Most of us have secret hidden stories which we choose to forget and avoid talking about. Even I almost put the same words of Squirrel and Rama! :-) There's so little we can do - I just hope it all culminates in educating and informting parents and if we can even protect 1 child from abuse it would be really worth the cause!

May be I should put these words in my post too! This thing has affected me so much that Im at a loss for words :-(

RS said...

That was me!

Sanjana said...

Yes! every one has things they are trying to forget.. but how many of them have actually succeeded in forgetting? Maybe this will have a cathartic effect.

Honestly, I think its a great effort, Once the whole thing is brought out to light. People will know that it is not a taboo subject and will be more careful and aware. I hope the perverts will crawl back under the rock they oozed out of.