Tuesday, August 01, 2006

oooh! My poor aching feet!

The american women fascinate me. Oh wow! they are all some kind of, i don't know, shall we call it gymnasts, tight rope walkers, whatever but their balance is mind blowing

You have to see to believe the kind of heels these women wear here. Forget walking... they actually run on them. :-o

The shoes are soo high, one probably needs someone to boost them up just to put the shoes on.

I swear, I spent almost 2 hours at the airport,last weekend just staring at womens feet, while waiting for my flight. while the feet looked very pretty, all high heeled, I could almost hear them screaming for mercy. Oooh!!! the poor things probably feel like they have been put into a grinder when the heels are finally removed.

It is not just the height of the heels that intrigue me, but the fact that they are almost always stilletos. Any mugger who comes within range of these fatal attractions might find himself gutted. Great weapons, pretty looking and not at all good for health.

Must be my pessimistic bent of mind, but everytime i saw a girl run wearing a 3 inch stilleto, I kept wincing thinking of what would happen if she slipped... *ouch*

I love heels myself, after all which girl doesn't. But anything over one inch and with radius less than half an inch makes me walk with my feet crossed :-)

Nevertheless, the next time I enter a shoe shop I am definitely going to try one of these deadly beauties. So would someone please bring a pair of crutches please!!!


Tamanna said...

He he sanju even I would love to wear stilettos. They look so elegant and chic! but then if my feet is not on the grnd i feel unsure. and then wearing stilettos on chennai roads... he he i would find the whole of myself on the grnd most of the times. The most ambitious slippers of mine have a 1.5inch flat heel. I wear them when i know i dont have to walk much :-D

Sanjana said...

I swear i was feeling a horrible ache in my back...seeing these women walk on them... :-)