Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chivalry.. not dead

While girls do not look for it in a guy, it still makes us feel very special when one shows us the courtesy.I am sorry to say India is not conducive to chivalry. Not unless the guys have had unusual parents or they have spent some time out in the western countries.

It is not that girls cannot open their doors or move their own chairs. Most of us neither expect nor wait for someone to help us with these things.

Anyways what I am getting to here is that I see a young american everyday morning in the bus. If he has a seat and any woman near him is standing, he always calls them and offers it to them. Needless to say all the regular women passengers in the bus have a smile for him.

Reminded me of the guys in our Pallavan transport who used to sit in the ladies seat and close their eyes whenever a lady asks them to get up.

It seems second nature to most of the men here to hold the doors open when they see a lady coming.
The other day i saw this guy coming up the stairs loaded with things. I held the door open for him and he was like 'no no ma'am, you first' .. and held the door for me and thanked me too.

The desi guys here too have adapted that style, which is very nice.

But I am probably being perverse...for amidst all these very polite chivalrous people, I still miss my Chennai rudeness. :-)


Mark IV S'nathan said...

oru ilichavayan kedachcha thalaila molagha arachiduveenghale??? ;)

neways i pefer ladily first policy only on roads!!!

Sanjana said...

Ithu varikum onoda thalaila naan molaga arachirukoma? :-D
Chivalry ellam thane varanum pa... solli kuduthu illa :-)

Tamanna said...

he he sanju read ur accounts today :-D do continue. this is really interesting :-D

Tamanna said...

but sanju how many girls do u see who actually are nice to their own ilk?! here in my hostel i often see girls being rude to others.. same in the buses!! wat more.. even if u smile they look back at u with a scowl..
so when the better sex behaves with such wierd manners, men being chivalrous is too much to ask.. :-D

Sanjana said...

Got to agree with you there Tamanna...