Friday, June 22, 2007

Ze Romantic Man :-)

I have always held the opinion that the current generation of men are so much more romantic than the women.
While most of them will emphatically disagree with you, if you have the temerity the say it aloud. It is also undeniably true.

The movies “Sillunu oru kadhal” and “Vetaiyadi Villayadu” got released at around the same time. Having seen both, I wanted to hear the opinions of my colleagues on the movies.
Not much to my surprise all the men emphatically told me that SOK was an extremely good movie and VV was just so-so.
Most of the women, including me, had the exact opposite opinion

Another startling example of this had me grinning yesterday.

My company held a creative writing competition to rewrite the Cinderella story. Two people won the prize for best written story, a lady and a gentleman.

The lady’s perky story ended with “...the Prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after, though not together” where in Cinderella becomes a corporate giant and the prince marries the Fairy Godmother.
The gentleman had written a beautiful story about how true love triumphs over evil and ended with just “… and they lived happily ever after”.

Well who woulda thunk? :-)

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