Friday, February 15, 2008

Clean India

Abdul Kalam has big dreams on the youth of India and all the big politicians/ scientists say they dream of this india or that india.
I am neither a politician nor a scientist but I do dream of a clean India.

I always feel like I have ants crawling inside my skin when I see people litter, spit or blow smoke in public places. I could understand if this was just the case of the illiterate people or those who don't know better, but most of the litter in India is by people like you and me.

I had just returned from Singapore and was discussing the trip with a friend who had already visited the place. Even as she was saying how clean and neat the place is, she was throwing the disposable ice cream cup on the platform on which we were walking. :-(.. She actually had the temerity to ask what it matters since everyone throws litter on the ground in India.

Just yeaterday I was walking down the road from one bus stop to another and there were these two guys, quite well educated and probably working in one of the top IT firms (which i deduced from the tag around their necks), walking just infront of me.
Suddenly plop, one of the guys dropped the paper cone from which he had been eating peanuts.Just 2 meters in front of him, was the trash can.
When I called him to drop it into the trashcan, i was given a very weird look and his friend mumbled that if I wanted to clean up behind them I should go ahead. Since I had opened my big fat mouth, I did throw the cone into the trash. Atleast the guy who threw it down on the ground had the decency to apologise and look chagrined.

While spitting pan on the walls and roadside is bad enough... the idiots actually spit from the bus windows and the side of the shareautos and autos. God forbid anyone going below or in the side of these vehicles.

There is supposed to be a law against smoking in the public places and I see that most of the smoking happens right in front of police stations...aargh!!!
Everywhere you go there is some cigarette, with smoke on side and a fool on the otherside happily puffing away. I make it a point to glare at these guys and wave my hand in front of my face. Not that anyone cares..sighhh!!!

I pray I could get magic powers so that I can put a curse on all the litterers. Everytime someone throws trash on the road, it will magically be transported to their homes and offices. Everytime some one spits on the ground, it will turn back and fall on their own faces and every time some one blows smoke in public places, their nose and tongues should start burning....

ummm!!! I only have coupla minutes to dream before I go back to work... so Adios.


K.S.Vikram said...

Do you know it is more dangerous to smoke in closed place than in open. The Indian govt does not understand this and banned smoking in open places whereas world over smoking is banned in closed places and allowed in open places. Unlike India, Singapore is not free country where there used to be $5K fine for chewing gum. And to see real Singapore go to one of the India or China towns.

Sanjana said...

@ KSV: Actually i would rather they smoke and inhale their own smoke rather than Me being forced to passive smoke. And I did visit Little India and China town in Singapore and I am not really trying to compare Singapore with India.
I am just saying we need more civic sense and a love for clean places.
If forcing people through fines is what makes them be cleaner the we probably need it

RS said...

I agree I agree I completely agree! And I pray that u do get such a magical power :-)

And yuck! Even if u happen to be inside the car and someone spits out of the window of a bus... grrrr.
What abt those rich guys in swanky cars throwing still burning cigarette butts out on the streets?