Wednesday, February 06, 2008

what weird people we are

I have mentioned this before and it still holds true.I hate change... but what happens when I know the said change is good for me every way and I have voluntarily sought it? Simple!
I still HATE it.

I recently made a big change in my life. Something I did with my eyes open.
But once done, I started missing my old way of life. After all the bigger the rut u have fallen into, the tougher it is to get out of it.
I was constantly comparing my new life with old life and finding it failing miserably and consistently.

To my great joy I found another friend who had done the very change that I had and he looked.... hmph! quite content with it...The traitor!!!
Needless to say I was a misery, moping around the place.

So, well, yesterday when I was talking to him.... he casually mentioned that he was thinking of making this new change temperory. Surprised I asked him why he would do that, as he seemed quite happy with it.
Haleluyah! Whaddya know? It seems he is no more happy with it than I...
hehehe! its miraculous... I dont feel quite so bad about the change anymore.

I guess its true... Misery definitely loves company :-)

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RS said...

Ah! Finally-tried 6 times just to get into this window!

By the way - I'm bored with my change too - Guess "the grass always looks grener on the otherside". Only when you get there do you realise that its probably more brown than on ur side! :-(