Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why? :-(

- Why are trees always the victims of development and civilisation?

The narrow road between ECR and OMR used the be surrounded by quite a forest of trees. The road was really bad and I can understand the necessity of cutting some trees and making the road more navigable, but was it necessary to demolish the whole road and build a four lane highway there?One of those huge trees near madhya kailash had some branches spreading over the road. So why cut off the whole tree when just some branches would suffice?

- Why should religion always be synonymous to torture?

While I shall not comment on God, religion is something created by human. So why do we do so many inhuman things in its name? Not just talking abt the riots n stuff in the name of religion, have you noticed that every popular religion demands bloodshed in some way or the other. Animal sacrifices, torture to ones bodies in the name of appeasing one's deity ...Why do we not find God in a non violent religion?

- Why Blame the IT?

Why blame IT for all the ills thats happening in the soceity. Do u know where the work life of people in all other fields are probably 40 years, an IT professional hardly lasts 20. Its only fair that we try to earn as much as we can when we are still able to do it.

- Why do ppl think smoking relieves tension?

Nope, I have no plans of trying to see if it actually works. But it really pains me to see young kids just out of school and college, running out every two hours or so desperate for a puff. I have seen colleagues who get the shakes when they dont smoke after their dinner/lunch.Why try something when you know it is not good for health and addictive?

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why indeed!!