Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bringing Superheroes home!

The kids all over the world are familiar of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Sheena, The fly and all the comics superheroes
But India has always had its own set of superheroes for a loooong time.

The sad fact is that with the increase in nuclear families and yuppy parents, children depend on the TV and comic books for their entertainment. There are no grandmas or grandpas to tell them about these superheroes.Yes, I am talking about all the lovely mythological stories that have come down generation after generation.

How can Superman and Batman compete with the Pandavas, Krishna, Ram and all the tempermental Sages of old? Their magical powers, even when they reincarnate as humans is just way cool!
Can Dr.Who and Skeletor come near the Asuras and Kauravas?
Most definitely not! and unfortunately the kids had no way of knowing this.

But now our movie makers and animation experts have created a great series of Animation movies that bring Heroes of the Indian mythology home. Starting with Hanuman, now there is Krishna, The Pandavas, Chota Bheem, and Ganesha...(there could be more.. But I am aware of only these so far)

And even better news is that POGO is featuring these movies, every Saturday at 2 PM this month and next. Check it out and have fun!!

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