Friday, March 07, 2008

Sari on Women's day!

I have already let you all know about my feelings on Women's day.
Nevertheless when all the ladies (of which we are 4) in my project decided to wear sari and I tagged along too.
We entered the office and met our PM at the elevators, the guy who has never bothered to smile before, suddenly had a huge smile and a big hello for us.

By some weird coincidence all four of us entered the ODC at the same time.
The reaction was quite explosive and very amusing.

Today I knew what the models feel when they walk the ramp.
There was such a huge exhalation of surprise from the guys (of which there are many)... that people from other projects started peeking in to see what the hungama was :-)

One kid could not stand the excitement of seeing everyone in sari... he kept running around trying to see who else was in sari.
Everyone came down to our place to ask what was so special. I shan't even talk about the reaction when we walked into the cafeteria. :-)

Of course we also got sarcastic comments about how much of a shock wave it creates to see a woman in sari as they hardly wear it anymore.
And then some of the guys started cribbing about how unfair it was that there was only a women's day and not a men's day ... on which they could wear dhothi. (Guys I couldn’t agree more!!! Let us just start treating y’all like women are generally treated in the society and we shall not only have a Men’s day but I shall initiate the whole process too :-))

So far we have been getting a lot of compliments and getting teased to death. But the day is still young... let’s see what else it has in store for us.

PS: well waddya know … this is my 100th Post :-) … Thanks to all my readers (who I like to think are galore :-D) for having patiently read and commented on my many blogs.


Mark IV S'nathan said...

Hey Sanjana... Congrats on ur 100th post... i enjoyed reading (silent reader :p -no comments- )all ur blogs..

keep it coming...

Anonymous said...

congrats on 100 posts!

Sanjana said...

Thanks Mark and P :-).. I hope to keep u entertained (or bugged) for a good long time more... and its all due to encouragement I get from y'all...

Rajesh said...

Congrats on your 100th post!. Your posts are really interesting which has really absorbed and reflected the attitude of people!!Best wishes to you.

RS said...

Hey! Congrats!! And yeah-so more interesting stuff happened later? :-)