Monday, March 03, 2008


While I absolutely love Chennai, I pity any one who lives here.Tamilnadu has always been known for its conservative society, but now it is trying to come out of that shell, and not very successfully. Other than the mentality of the people, the reason for this conservatism is that the government here always leans towards extremes and people here are forced to tag the line or else....

They are told ...
=> what to wear (Remember the actor shreya has cases filed against her because she was not "dressed" properly for some function, of course what I do not understand is how come it is ok for her to wear even skimpier dresses on screen and everyone drools over that?)

=> what to talk (Remember the case against actor Khusbhoo for sharing her opinions),

=> How to pray (Only in tamil, even sanskrit slokas must be translated and told in tamil)

=> Who to pray (Ram is not a god and neither is his "sister" Sita, as told by a senior politician in an National News Channel. I am just thankful the other religions, other than poor hinduism escaped, as the government, in its bid for "equality" opposes only hinduism and the so called forward class)

=> When to Pray (I hear the tamil New Year's day has been advanced by two months)

=> How to spend their evenings (Anyone going to Discos and pubs are asking for it... they will get arrested and harrassed by the Police).

=> What to study (Those unlucky people who fall in the forward class cannot study most of the courses as they will be filled by the so called lower caste people)

=> who should study (Dalits need not even get 60% to get scholarships and admissions etc whereas the people of the forward class need to get 99.9% and still NOT get any scholarship or admissions anywhere)

All in all Tamil nadu in general and chennai in specific is the very epitome of demo-crazy. The same kind of demo-crazy that was followed by Monarchy of old. Even the crown prince is chosen by the reigning king. :-p And the best thing about all this is that we do not so much as mutter a protest. We listen to all this and go on with our lives like it has nothing to do with us.


msfr said...

i have been to chennai only once .. but i absolutely absolutely love the place and its people.
irrespective of the negative things you say it has , you have more achievers from there..

there must be something abt the place, the ppl there are soooo good :)

Sanjana said...

I love chennai and most everything about it and I have lived here all my life...But u must understand this is not about the people per se, so much as the government and our indifference to all the things done to us.

I am still happy to see that u have great taste in loving the place and people :-)